Dialogue with Your Destiny and Last Chance to Own Your Chakras!

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Dialogue with DestinyThanks to all of you who tuned in last Thursday to 'Dialogue with Destiny' on its new platform Contact Talk Radio! For those of you who didn't know, my radio show has been rebooted to version 2.0 - LOL!

My first show last Thursday was a blast. The new format has given me much more creative freedom; you must check out the new segments I've added to the show! Here's how you can tune in every Thursday or listen on-demand for free up to a week after the live broadcast.

To Listen Live:

  • The live broadcast airs every Thursday night 6pm PDT/9pm EDT via Contact Talk Radio
  • You can listen to the broadcast live on www.ohotto.com via this link or on Contact Talk Radio's website: http://www.ohotto.com/multimedia/radio/
  • If you'd like to call in live toll free for an on-air reading please call this number: 877.230.3062

To Listen On-demand:

If you miss the live show you can always listen on-demand exclusively on www.ohotto.com. All shows will be available for free up to a week for on-demand listening the Friday afternoon following the live show. To listen on-demand use the same link for the live show. You will find the on-demand player located just below the live player: http://www.ohotto.com/multimedia/radio/

Downloadable Archives on the Way!

My team is currently working on putting together a system that will make all archives of my radio shows from the past 3 years available for a purchased download. I'm very excited about this feature as it will not only financially support the radio show and keep me on the air, but additionally a percentage of the proceeds will also go to support various nominated charities each quarter!

You'll have to option of purchasing the archives a la cart or subscribing to download ALL past and current archives via a yearly membership. I love this as we'll all be working together to transform Fate into Destiny! More information forthcoming.

Upcoming Shows for July!

Here's a list of the upcoming shows for July! If you'd like to receive an email periodically alerting you to upcoming shows and when shows are available for on-demand listening and download be sure to sign up on my radio show page!

July 8, 6pm PDT/9pm EDT
Surrendering to Divine Timing through the Power of Faith
Have you received an inspiration in your life, yet the timing doesn't seem to be coming together to manifest it? Are you worried that your dreams will never materialize? Then this show was meant for you! Listen in as Robert explains why we must have faith in the Divine timing of events and our Soul's Schedule. Find out how you can embrace the power of surrender to get what you really want!

July 15, 6pm PDT/9pm EDT
Embracing the New Archetype of Family in Your Life
The idea of 'family' is something that has been going through a drastic transformation during the last 20 years. The old 'nuclear' sense of family is all but gone and being replaced by a new paradigm! What does this mean for you? How can you redefine and find 'family' in your life? Why is it so crucial to have a sense of family? Tune in as Robert speaks to this new emerging archetype of family and how to ground it into your life!

July 22, 6pm PDT/9pm EDT
Redefining Compassion as Experiential Grace
What does it mean to have 'compassion' for someone? Why is compassion the most important co-creative force in your soul? Most of us think of compassion as 'empathy' for others but it's truly so much more. As Robert describes in this groundbreaking show, true compassion is born out of your life's experiences - but only when you let them break your heart open. Tune in to find out how you can cultivate a compassion that can connect you to and change the world!

July 29, 6pm PDT/9pm EDT
Cultivating Vulnerability as an Act of Intimacy
Are you feeling disconnected from others and can't figure out why? Do you struggle finding friends or deep relationships that can really fulfill you? Maybe what you need is a dose of healthy vulnerability in your life! Listen in as Robert explains why learning to be vulnerable is the ultimate way we can connect with others in soulfully intimate ways.

Last Chance to Register for On-line Event Wednesday July 7th!

Here's a description of my next on-line event. If you can't attend, no worries, just be sure to sign up by Wednesday so you can receive the mp3 download post event like all the live attendees!

Who Owns Your Chakras?Who Owns Your Chakras?

Wednesday, July 7, 6pm PDT/9pm EDT

On July 7th, 6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern, Robert returns with another evening of provocative insight as he explores the human chakra system and its role in shaping your Destiny! Often referred to as a vital component of energy anatomy, this dynamic network is comprised of 9 major energy centers of consciousness that form the backbone of your capacity to transform your life.

As Robert will explain during this compelling seminar, many of us have unconsciously handed our chakras over to others, and in the process, have unwittingly relinquished our power to co-create with the universe in our own lives. Find out how to identify who owns your chakras and how to get them back!

You may ask Who cares who owns my chakras? Can someone or something really own them? What are chakras anyway? Indeed, others can psychically possess various aspects of your power as symbolized by the chakras, so find out why you should care! Because when other people own your power, your capacity to live the perfume version of your Destiny can be reduced to mere eau de toilette. That's right people...stinky low grade cologne!

What are chakras?

The word 'chakra' comes from Sanskrit and means 'wheel'. In esoteric literature and eastern teachings, they are conceived of as wheel-like vortices that exist in the etheric body which interacts very closely with the physical body. Each chakra is considered a focal point of power in the human energy system, and in Robert's view, also represents an aspect of the psyche.

Although various teachings offer conflicting accounts of how many chakras exist within the etheric body, Robert will investigate the 9-chakra system as a means for mapping power and purpose-along with archetypes. Discover how the Soul's contract incarnates not only into the psyche, but into the body of your mundane life, as well.

This seminar will include the following:

  • Your Soul's schedule and the chakras
  • Identifying blocks within the energy body
  • Cultural spells and the chakra system
  • Addressing limitations to living your purpose
  • Levels of incarnation within the chakras
  • Familial patterns and chakra blocks
  • Roles of safety and self-confidence in creating Destiny
  • Importance of authentic vision, choice, and courage to change
  • Direct routes (and detours) of manifestation via the chakras
  • Archetypal forces within the energy system
  • Consequences of inadequately possessing a chakra
  • Stages of empowerment in the chakras
  • Activating the flowchart of Destiny in the chakras
  • PLUS two guided meditations

Through extensive lecture material, guided meditations, and a hefty Q&A period, Robert will not only teach you how to know if someone else owns your chakras, he'll show you how to get them back, too!

Once you regain your power, you invite blocked aspects of your Destiny to flow freely into the embodiment of your highest potential.

To sign up for this live online event, please register at the link below. If you're unable to attend live you may still enroll to receive an mp3 download of the event a few days after event has transpired. Reclaim your chakras and your destiny-Ohotto style!

NOTE: To login to this course, return to this page on the day of the event to enter your email address as your username in all lowercase letters and the six-digit order number found near the top of your purchase receipt as your password. DO NOT use the personal password you created for the online store, as it will not get you in to this event.

Register Now!

Please note there are no refunds offered on this course. Neither Robert Ohotto nor Ohotto.com or any of its affiliates are responsible for end-user technical difficulties, equipment malfunctions or failings, which might prevent participation in this course.

That's it for now folks. Be back soon with more news and insights!

Robert Ohotto
Intuitive Life Strategist

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