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Omega Center - Soul Connections - Rhinebeck, NY - June 18-20, 2010I am prepping to head to New York this weekend to present with my colleagues at the Omega Institute. If you're up for a last minute weekend trip full of transformation and soul connections, follow this link and get up on it! Nothing can substitute for being present in person with other like minded individuals to experience some of your favorite teachers and sometimes the last minute decisions lead to the most amazing experiences. So click on the link to the right to check it out!

Who Owns Your Chakras?

Sometime ago I did a radio show on this very question that had a huge response. You may ask...Who cares who owns my chakras? Can someone or something really own them? What the hell are chakras anyway? Well, yes indeed others can psychically possess various aspects of your power as symbolized by the chakras. And you should care because when they do, your capacity to live the perfume version of your destiny can be reduced to mere eau de toilette. Yeah that's right people...stinky low grade cologne!

First of all, what are the chakras? The word 'chakra' comes from Sanskrit and means 'wheel'. In esoteric literature and eastern teachings they are conceived of as wheel-like vortices that exist in the etheric body and also permeate the physical anatomy, often correlating with certain nerve ganglia and sections of the spinal column.

Each chakra is considered a focal point of power in the human energy system, and in my view also represents an aspect of the psyche. There are many different references that speak to how many chakras we have and where they are approximately located in relationship to the body - I'm only down with considering that there are 9 Chakras. Not 12, 15, or 50 chakras, just 9 ya'll!

When I do intuitive readings on folks in part I'm connecting symbolically with these centers and perceiving them as power conduits through which one's soul contract expresses itself. In other words, I'm using the template of the chakra system to map out where someone is struggling to live their soul's contract as it flows into their life's experiences via a certain aspect of their empowerment.  I then combine this with my understanding of archetypes.

Using the chakra system as a way of mapping power and purpose combined with archetypes is brilliant as it shows how the archetypal aspect of your soul's contract incarnates not only into your psyche, but also into the body of your mundane life.

From the 9th Chakra to the Earth

My intuitive perception of this process begins with how your soul's schedule activates the release of a new force in your contract (which begins at the 9th and 8th chakras) that then descends down your chakra system heading for the 2nd and 1st chakras where it incarnates into your life.

Ah, but what happens when this new soul force that has been activated gets to a chakra and that chakra isn't owned by you enough because it's under a cultural spell? Or still owned by the past patterns of your family? Or is owned by your pimp? (ooops, oh yes I did!)

Well, that soul force gets stopped cold in the chakra in question and thus creation halts until that chakra is empowered enough to let it flow to the next level of incarnation, if it continues at all. How about an example?

Let's say the time has come in your soul's contract to risk leaving your job to start a new business, so the 9th and 8th chakra release this new archetypal force into your chakra system called 'The Entrepreneur' which then starts making its way down your chakras.

As it hits each power center it will ask it, 'You got enough power to let me continue my descent to earth?'...and let's say you've got enough power to let it arrive all the way down at the third chakra which deals with the creative aspects of confidence and self-esteem.

The Entrepreneur says to the third chakra, "Hey Dude, you got enough self-esteem to take a chance on me and start a new business?" And the third chakra says, "Um....I don't think so, I'm not confident enough in the flow of power here to take that kind of risk because I really don't feel I'm worth it. Not to mention my parents still own and control my self-esteem via family of origin patterning. They believed in staying in 'safe mode' and in jobs that were secure. They were also very critical of those who colored outside the lines. So no, I can't empower you to descend into the 2nd chakra of resources where I'll have to put my money where my soul contract is...I'd rather stay in this miserable yet predictable job!"

Are you feeling me? See how this works? The chakra system is a phenomenal way to map how we co-create our highest potential in this life as it tracks how the inspirations of Heaven descend to the Earth. So phenomenal in fact that I've put together a new live online event/seminar on this very subject where I plan to teach you what each of the 9 chakras is and how to map the way your soul contract incarnates through all nine of them as a systematic process.

You'll learn how archetypal energy flows from your soul contract into each chakra and most important, what happens when you don't adequately possess a chakra and the level of empowerment as symbolized by that chakra.

Through lecture material and two guided meditations, I'll not only teach you how to know if someone else owns your chakras, I'll show you how to get your chakras back!

Once you get them back then the blocked aspects of your destiny will be able flow freely into the embodiment of your highest potential.

To sign up for this live online event you can register via the link below. If you're unable to attend live you can still enroll to receive an mp3 download of the event a few days after event has transpired. I look forward to helping you reclaim your chakras and thereby your destiny -- Ohotto style!

Wednesday, July 7, 6pm PDT/9pm EDT

Who Owns Your Chakras?Robert returns with another enlightening evening  of insight and revelation as he explores the human chakra system. Often referred to as a vital component of our energy anatomy, this dynamic system is comprised of 9 major energy centers of consciousness that form the backbone of our capacity to create our Destiny.

As Robert explains during this groundbreaking event, many of us have unconsciously given our chakras over to others, and in the process, have unwittingly relinquished our power to co-create with the universe in our own lives. Find out how to identify who owns your chakras and how to get them back!

Spaces are limited for this LIVE seminar! Please secure your place early. Otherwise, you may purchase it now and download the mp3 after the broadcast. All attendees will also be able to download the event after the live broadcast.

Register Now!


Truth, Triumph, and TransformationAs many of you may have noticed, I don't often promote the work of other authors. That is because it's rare that I find someone's work that I truly resonate with and believe in. I'm also not one to get in on these email campaigns that circulate around all the time because I own that chakra!

That said, when something outstanding comes my way, I am more than willing to get behind it and share it with you. Thus, I feel I must share with you an outstanding new book written my colleague Sandra Anne Taylor. One in fact that has been a long time in coming!

In her new book Truth, Triumph, and Transformation, Sandra investigates all the fallacies that have been written about 'the law of attraction' - talk about cultural spells! - And really brings into a balanced and mature view what this Universal Law is really all about. This book is rock star and I highly recommend that you check it out! I sincerely feel it provides guidance and perspectives that will empower you to change your life by using positivism in a way that is practical, grounded, and compassionate. And ok, there is also a nice promo currently going on with it that lets you receive some nice free gifts.

Please click on the book to find out more...I'm reading it right now myself and all I can say is you go Sandra! Well done...

Dialogue with Destiny Moves to a New Home!

Many of you who listen to my radio show may have noticed that it's no longer broadcasting on Hay House Radio...well, that's because I've decided to move the show to a new home! Starting July 1st Dialogue with Destiny will be broadcasting live on www.ContactTalkRadio.com.

Don't worry, it's not only going to be essentially the same show with live readings and my usual thought provoking opening monologue, it's going to be even better! I'll be back soon with more info on how you can tune in to the live broadcast, listen to the show on-demand, and download the podcast - all on Ohotto.com!

This new platform is going to rock! Wait until you hear the new things I'm adding to the show that this new format allows...if you thought I was keeping it real before, just you wait! Ha!

That said, thank you to everyone that has supported my radio show when it was at Hay House. I look forward to the next chapter with you as the show evolves!

Got Any Stories of Angelic Intervention?

Lastly, a TV producer friend of mine is working on a new media project that centers on stories of Angelic intervention. She has asked me to put a shout out to anyone who is willing to share their personal account with her.

If this is you or if you know of someone that has had such an experience please send an email to angelstories.tv@gmail.com  describing the experience. It would be helpful if you can provide your contact information in case she'd like to follow up with you.
That's all I got for now. I'll be back with more info on the radio show soon. For those interested in watching my guest appearance on Lifetime TV which airs live June 28th you can follow the link below to see a promo clip!

Balancing Act on Lifetime Television

Robert Ohotto
Intuitive Life Strategist


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