Soul Connections Part II, Sirius/XM and Lifetime TV Guest Appearance!

Hey Everyone!

The Mercury Retrograde is officially over - Hallelujah!!! Thanks for all your comments on the last newsletter. What an interesting cycle that was, eh? No, what I really mean to say is, holy crap! So many changes are in the air for all of us. My mantra lately is 'keep breathing Robert, keep breathing' - yours too you say?!

I have a lot of news to share with all of you. So much so that I can't put it all in this newsletter just yet, but for now let me say that I've been booked for a guest appearance on Lifetime TV. In fact I fly to Miami at the end of the month to film it! This is my first appearance on national TV and it should be a ton of fun. I will update you as to when the segment broadcasts, which for now they tell me will be sometime in June. I hope those of you with cable will be able to check it out when it airs!

Soul Connections II

My first Soul Connections online event was so well received that I've decided to do another one that will expand on the first and take you even further. Who knew I had so much to say about dating, relationships, and intimacy! I expect this event to sell out as I will be a guest on the Dr. Laura Berman show on Sirius/XM the day before (May 19th) which is going to feature 'Soul Connections' as its topic. If you are a subscriber to Sirius/XM you can tune in for this live show on Wednesday, May 19th at 2pm PDT/5pm EDT on Sirius channel 195 and XM channel 156. If you're not a subscriber you can sign up for a free trial at!

Additionally, as a primer for Soul Connections part II you might want to check out my latest Hay House Radio show on 'How to Have a Sacred Breakup or Divorce', you can catch it on-demand via the link at the bottom of this email for free for a limited time!


Times are truly changing. I want to take a moment and thank all of you for supporting my work. I feel so blessed to be given such amazing opportunities to help you heal, transform, and grow. As time marches on and things continue to change, I hope to always have more and more ways to share my soul with you on this journey called life. Your support of my work means so much to me.

Please always feel free to write me with any comments at I'd love to hear from you.

I'll be back soon with more free content and news. And if 'Soul Connections II' speaks to you, don't forget to sign up soon! If you missed the first Soul Connections it's currently available as an MP3 download, check it out!

Robert Ohotto
Intuitive Life Strategist

Soul Connections Part II: 
Clearing Out the Past to Love in the Present
Thursday May 20th, 6pm PDT/9pm EDT

(Rescheduled from its previously advertised date of May 6)
Soul Connections II - Clearing Out the Past to Love in the Present

Following on the heels of Robert's powerful 'Soul Connections' online workshop comes the next step in cultivating intimacy with yourself and others in your life! This is an online event not to be missed, especially if you're:

  • wanting to break out of co-dependent patterns with others
  • struggling with ending a relationship
  • moving on from a relationship that just ended 
  • needing to remodel your marriage 
  • trying to understand the deeper reasons why certain archetypal patterns do your dating and relating  

Join Robert for this groundbreaking follow-up as he ventures further into the heart of a new intimacy paradigm that asks you forge 'soul connections' with others as part of your evolutionary purpose in this life. You'll discover the role intuition plays in our dating and relating, and what it really takes to love unconditionally and support the soul contracts you've made with others.

As Robert maps out in further detail the emerging relationship terrain that is the by-product of our spiritual evolution and personal empowerment, you'll be guided to release your past and love in the present!  

Whether you're single and looking for guidance on dating, wanting to cultivate more intimacy in your current relationships, or wanting guidance as to whether your relationship should end and how - this online event will teach you that letting go of the past is always a necessity to opening up the possibilities of the present and future. Through Robert's guidance during this interactive online event you'll be empowered to open yourself to the love your life was destined for! 
This jam packed online workshop will include: 

  • A guided meditation to help you identify which archetypes do your dating and relating and why
  • How you may be replicating your past in the ways you love in the present 
  • What it really takes to forgive someone and stay open to love
  • How to identify when you are being guided into an 'edge' in yourself via a relationship vs. being guided to leave
  • Identifying your issues of control vs. trust
  • What causes you to default into old ways of relating
  • How to move through resentment and bitterness
  • Break out session on healing co-dependency in your relationships 
  • Wanting intimacy vs. being willing to do the work of creating it
  • Recovering from betrayal 
  • Role of intuition in your dating and relating
  • How to invoke help from the Universe via soul prayers in your dating and relationship challenges
  • Sexuality and Intimacy - experiencing true Eros
  • How to employ 5 essential tools to transform your relationship Fate into Destiny
  • Casual sex: friend or foe?
  • The gift of heartbreak 

And of course there will be much more!

Spaces are limited for this LIVE seminar! Please secure your place early. Otherwise, you may purchase it as a download after the broadcast.

Register Now!

NOTE: You will receive a follow-up email with a login link and participation instructions after your purchase order has been received.  

Once you have been given a login link, which will be included in a forthcoming email, you will enter your email address in all lowercase letters as your username and your purchase order number (located at the top of your electronic receipt) as your password.  

If you are unable to take part in the Soul Connections Part II LIVE Online Event on May 20th, you will have two weeks to download it after the broadcast. The full event recording will be available for download within 48 hours of the event completion.

Please note there are no refunds offered on this course. Neither Robert Ohotto nor or any of its affiliates are responsible for end-user technical difficulties, equipment malfunctions or failings, which might prevent participation in this course.

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