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Mercury Retrograde in Taurus
Soul Connections Part II

Hey Everyone!

It's been a LONG time since my last newsletter, and let me just say that homeboy has had his butt KICKED since I last connected with you. From sewage water damaging my basement to the annual burden of filing taxes...YUK! But I'm getting back on my game and wanted to reconnect with you via some much needed astrological and archetypal guidance. I also wanted to mention that I'm doing a follow up live online event to 'Soul Connections!' called 'Soul Connections II - Letting Go of the Past to Love in the Present.'

Please check out the info below to get registered and be mindful that you only have 3 weeks to sign up to attend live or listen to the MP3 download after the event. My team has been working to make the online event experience better and better each time, so expect improvements in sound quality of both the live event as well as the download!   Now getting down to the business at hand, have any of you been feeling the funk in the atmosphere like I have? If so keep reading! We are in the middle of a Mercury Retrograde cycle and Full Moon in Scorpio. Anyone up for the past confronting the present to create new options for the future?? Ha! Let's take a look at the energy of things with my favorite intuitive tool, archetypal astrology...

Mercury Retrograde Refresher

What is 'Mercury Retrograde' anyway? When Mercury is direct, which it is 80% of the year, we can look to the sky and see the planet's motion going forward against the backdrop of the Zodiac in the heavens. However, about every 3 ½ months the planet appears to start going backward for about three weeks. I say "appears" because in reality it's the orbit of the earth in tandem with the planetary orbit of Mercury that makes the planet appear to move backwards, though it is not really moving backwards. Nevertheless, this period of time is called Mercury Retrograde.

That being said, what does Mercury Retrograde symbolize as a process within each of us? How does it point our ego toward our soul's timing? As a function of consciousness, Mercury represents our thinking and communicative processes, the ways we access and use information, make decisions, pay attention to details, and express ourselves. Perhaps most importantly, Mercury also symbolizes the way we perceive reality via the mind.

Much of this gets reexamined during a Mercury Retrograde cycle via the astrological sign's themes it's retrograde in (Taurus this time!). We are asked to retreat within and reevaluate what serves our life with regards to this Mercurial function of consciousness, and what needs to be upgraded, reworked, rethought, refined, and/or let go of in the ways that we think about and experience things. If we resist this, then we invoke the "Trickster" side of Mercury contained in Mercury's function. You all know this too well: miscommunications, missed flights, accidents, computer and other tech breakdowns...need I go on?! All of these are designed to help you realize you're not in control and that a deeper design is trying to emerge into your consciousness by putting your ego-mind in the back seat for a time.

When Mercury is moving direct, our minds tend to work on a more functional/forward level. Our energy is invested in more assertive decision-making and action with less retrospection and reflection. However, we are unconsciously picking up on intuitive information, which will come to call during the retrograde cycle for further integration. There needs to be a time of rest and assimilation of all the information that we perceive consciously and unconsciously - much like our need for sleep every day. And a time for our inner wisdom to come forth and guide us to re-organize, rethink, reevaluate, redo, and reboot. This is part of the organic, natural flow of life. Our culture, however, made up of schedules and deadlines, doesn't often accommodate a cycle of introspective reflection and re-evaluation. This is why this cycle can be so brutal for some of us......especially those of us, like me, with a thousand deadlines and agendas!

Even though Mercury is moving direct, it will eventually enter into its retrograde zone (the degrees of the astrological sign it will retrograde over) about two weeks before it goes retrograde. This set up phase began back on April 4th for this current cycle. Around that time signals from the environment would have begun alerting you towards inner and outer situations that are in need of some reflection and reevaluation - which for this retrograde will be connected to themes of Taurus and to some degree with this full moon, Scorpio. Take a moment and reflect on what was happening in your life at the beginning of the month and how the themes have been shifting since then in your experience.

Mercury Retrograde in Taurus - Midpoint Full Moon In Scorpio

April 17th - May 11th, 2010

This Mercury Retrograde (MR) officially began on April 17th and ends on May 11th, 2010. Yet as previously mentioned, the set up phase has been in motion since April 4th when Mercury entered into the degree of Taurus it will retrogress back to.  As this particular retrograde finds its midpoint (when Mercury lines up directly with the Sun) on the same day as a full moon in Scorpio there is a poignancy regarding the re-evaluation of our values and resources. As the economy makes a slight recovery we are each challenged to look at the past values we've had that led to the choices that got us in this mess in the first place, as well as how we'll begin rebuilding our lives after this economic death has more fully passed. Additionally I sense in a personal way each of us has come to our own crossroads at which we are asked a question: "Are we going to replicate the same old legacy from the past and build our lives out of outmoded values, or tend to the hard work required to transform our Fate into Destiny?" There truly is massive change a foot in both the world and in us...can you feel it right now? I know I can!

Taurus - What resources do you possess and what possesses you?

Every zodiacal sign in astrology represents an archetypal aspect of our power and human development. Taurus, symbolized by The Bull, speaks mundanely to the earthly body we possess as well as the esoteric inner resources/gifts that are housed inside of us. These inner resources are meant to become the building blocks through which we generate our mundane resources in this life. So what are your best assets? What deep inside of you can channel grace to build spiritual sustenance and earthly resources for your life? This is a tough question for a Judeo-Christian culture that has both shunned the Earth as well as exploited it - in either case divorcing the material from the spiritual.

This divorce between Heaven and Earth that we have internalized is precisely what causes us such grief now - both as a collective and as individuals. It has brought to us the inability to embrace the true Eros of our earthly lives and birthed both the hedonist and puritanical value system of our society. This imbalance has landed us in our current global and personal crises, whether it's the massive issue of obesity, world hunger, Wall Street greed, genetically modified crops, overdevelopment, underdevelopment, profit over planet, addictions, sexual repression and dysfunctions, diabetes, or the inability to be in the present moment - these extremes are all a call to understand the feminine Taurian aspects of our soul. Can we muster the compassion necessary to contain and witness clearly the damage this is causing us and the way it keeps us from embracing our true resources and values? Seems to me like some Buddhist medicine is needed!

Buddha the Taurus

The Buddha was a Taurus and has much to teach us about this archetype. I often imagine him and his struggles to persevere toward his enlightenment. And the patience he cultivated to sit his butt down under that Bodhi tree until he achieved his enlightenment! Taurus is about building a solid life foundation while embracing that to do so takes time because uncovering the authenticity of the soul requires evaluating the illusory beliefs we have about our worth. Every illusion of this world confronted and tempted Buddha, until he finally found his serenity through understanding the impermanence of his life, and thus the preciousness of each moment.

Do you consider each moment precious enough to show up for it? Do you think of this while you text and check email while sitting down for dinner with family or friends? Do you have the discipline to show up for yourself through 10 minutes of meditation each day? What does this say about what you really value and how those values inform your choices?

I remember about a year ago I was explaining to one of my spiritual directors why I couldn't meditate everyday like she was guiding me to. Oh yeah, I used all the excuses you all do too don't cha know...I'm too busy, things come up, I can't find a quiet moment, etc.

Homegirl broke it down and said, "Robert, when you don't show up to meditate it's like you're telling the Universe, 'I'm not worth showing up for myself today in this way'" OUCH...she got me big time. Do you feel you're worth cultivating serenity, compassion, and presence for your life?

Furthermore do you feel you're worth having nice things that are of value to you, eating healthy food, having self-affirming healthy erotic sex, investing in yourself, taking time for yourself? When we don't feel we're really worth having a healthy connection to our authentic earthly needs we will go into the shadow form of getting them met. We become overeaters, sex addicts or sex anorexics, too busy to be with ourselves, greedy for more stuff, and then we also start to sell ourselves to the highest bidder who will promise to provide the resources we can't seem to create for ourselves. That said, I'd like to introduce you to your inner Prostitute!

The Prostitute Archetype

This month all of my Hay House Radio shows have been based around Taurus themes. In fact, my latest one was called "Who Owns Your Chakras" which spoke to how we unconsciously (or consciously!) sell off parts of our energy system and power. And how when we do we lose not only our self-direction, but also the power to create our lives and capacity to build our own inner and outer life foundations on our deepest values. (If you're interested in hearing that show, click on the Hayhouse Radio button below, you might still catch it as a free on-demand preview!)

The Prostitute Archetype is a fantastic force that resides in all of us. She's there to help us sell our inner resources so that we in fact have outer ones through which we survive. Yet there will again and again come a time when the Universe asks us to re-evaluate what it is that we put on the auction block for sale,  and whether that now is interfering with our Destiny. What have you been selling that now takes resources from you instead of secures them? Think about it! This MR in Taurus wants you to re-evaluate the price now paid for others owning you and what needs to now come of the auction block so that you can make that inner Prostitute a sacred force of Destiny.

Full Moon in Scorpio Midpoint, April 28, 2010

Every MR cycle has a midpoint and we've arrived at this one today as the MR midpoint is defined by Mercury aligning exactly with the Sun in the sky. This is happening at the same time the Sun illuminates a Full Moon in Scorpio! I myself had a dream about this energy last night that communicated we very much need to become not only aware of our own resources (Taurus), but also the resource pool we share in with others on all levels (Scorpio). Whether this is financially, emotionally, psychologically, psychically, sexually, or spiritually - ask yourself if drawing from another's or a group's energy really serves you anymore.

Is it worth it to hang out with friends that at one time used to feel right, but now you feel that they focus on things that have no soul and are too shallow? Are you living somewhere that no longer serves the new you that is being born? Are you realizing that you have very different priorities and values than your business partner and now need to get out of the business or buy them out? Has it become apparent that the religious or spiritual groups you belong too harbor beliefs and values you feel you've outgrown? Are you tired of being in a relationship with someone where there is no satisfying erotic intimacy or the sex leaves you feeling funky? Maybe it's time to get off that dating site that just leaves you feeling even more lonely because of all the grasping desperation that motivates those who are posting profiles!

Everything is energy and for anything new to move into your life energy must be reshaped through the death-rebirth process. So what's trying to die/transform in your life? This reminds me of the saying, "Everyone wants to go to Heaven, but nobody wants to die!" Are you willing to let something die so something new can be born? For example, how about looking at your inherited reactive psychological patterns that have become incredibly self-sabotaging and are keeping you paralyzed in the present and preventing a new groove for the future (this is very connected to Scorpio energy!)

Moving on From the Midpoint...

As we pass the intensity of this midpoint of the current MR cycle, we can expect many revelations issue forth. To use this time wisely I would counsel a reorganization and reassessment of your values, while exploring the Taurus' and Scorpio themes I've already mentioned.

Ultimately this retrograde brings a deep review of our authentic values and surrender to what we need to let die and be reborn in our lives. There is new energy coming! We are asked by Mercury to receive a new message from our soul regarding what resources we own and borrow to build our lives. And what do we most value about ourselves and how do we embody that?

Additionally I sense that many of us will need to reconsider what the internalization of our cultural split between Heaven and Earth has cost us personally. And how that split creates an inner void which compels us to fill it with things that hold the illusion of permanence and power.

It's time to let such things die in us and try something new. Yet encountering the threshold of a new life cycle can be terrifying and our default is to reference the past and then re-energize and replicate it out of a fear of the unknown. I say stay in the unknown!  When moving into that space of fear, breathe and go inside. Then ask yourself, "I wonder what wants to happen next?" And wait for the answer...

You will then open the space for the miracle to unfold that has been stalking you all this time which this MR in Taurus seeks to earth into your life. Stay open and be watchful through the end of the MR in Taurus cycle on May 11th.  If you can let the past go, what does indeed want to happen next will no doubt arrive.

It's great to be back in the game and communicating with you again. Thank you for valuing me as a voice of guidance in your life. I will be back next week with some very very exciting news and more content. I look forward to connecting with you on May 20th during my live online event 'Soul Connections II' or at one of my many upcoming events. Do check out the weekend intensive (also called Soul Connections!) I'm doing with my colleagues John Holland and Colette Baron-Reid, June 18th - 20th at Omega in Rhinebeck, NY!

Don't forget I host a free radio show at every Thursday at 9am PST/12pm EST and have put together some great show topics for May, stay tuned!

Robert Ohotto
Intuitive Life Strategist

Soul Connections Part II:
Clearing Out the Past to Love in the Present
Thursday May 20th, 6pm PDT/9pm EDT
Soul Connections II

Following on the heels of Robert's powerful 'Soul Connections' online workshop comes the next step in cultivating intimacy with yourself and others in your life! This is an online event not to be missed, especially if you're:

  • wanting to break out of co-dependent patterns with others 
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  • needing to remodel your marriage 
  • trying to understand the deeper reasons why certain archetypal patterns do your dating and relating 
Join Robert for this groundbreaking follow-up as he ventures further into the heart of a new intimacy paradigm that asks you forge 'soul connections' with others as part of your evolutionary purpose in this life. You'll discover the role intuition plays in our dating and relating, and what it really takes to love unconditionally and support the soul contracts you've made with others.

As Robert maps out in further detail the emerging relationship terrain that is the by-product of our spiritual evolution and personal empowerment, you'll be guided to release your past and love in the present!   

Whether you're single and looking for guidance on dating, wanting to cultivate more intimacy in your current relationships, or wanting guidance as to whether your relationship should end and how - this online event will teach you that letting go of the past is always a necessity to opening up the possibilities of the present and future. Through Robert's guidance during this interactive online event you'll be empowered to open yourself to the love your life was destined for! 

This jam packed online workshop will include:
  • A guided meditation to help you identify which archetypes do your dating and relating and why  
  • How you may be replicating your past in the ways you love in the present 
  • What it really takes to forgive someone and stay open to love 
  • How to identify when you are being guided into an 'edge' in yourself via a relationship vs. being guided to leave  
  • Identifying your issues of control vs. trust 
  • What causes you to default into old ways of relating 
  • How to move through resentment and bitterness 
  • Break out session on healing co-dependency in your relationships 
  • Wanting intimacy vs. being willing to do the work of creating it 
  • Recovering from betrayal 
  • Role of intuition in your dating and relating 
  • How to invoke help from the Universe via soul prayers in your dating and relationship challenges 
  • Sexuality and Intimacy - experiencing true Eros 
  • How to employ 5 essential tools to transform your relationship Fate into Destiny 
  • Casual sex: friend or foe? 
  • The gift of heartbreak 

And of course there will be much more!   NOTE: If you are unable to take part in the live Soul Connections Part II on May 20th, you will have two weeks to download it after the broadcast. The full event recording will be available for download within 48 hours of the event completion for all who have signed up for the event whether having attended live or not.  

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Omega Institute - Soul Connections:
Exploring Spiritual Connections & Soul Strategies
Rhinebeck, NY June 18-20, 2010

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Omega Institute - Soul Connections: 
Exploring Spiritual Connections & Soul Strategies / Rhinebeck, NY / June 18-20, 2010

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