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"A man will treat a woman almost exactly the way he treats his own interior feminine. In fact, he hasn't the ability to see a woman, objectively speaking, until he has made some kind of peace with his interior woman." -Robert Johnson

Hey Everyone,

Just a few days ago I posted the above quote by the brilliant author and Jungian Analyst, Robert Johnson on my Facebook page and a tidal wave of fantastic dialogue began. The quote gives us so much to consider regarding the way we relate to each other as human beings around this Valentine's Day, no?

I mean, will men in fear of emasculation treat other men badly when they haven't embraced their 'interior woman' as an essential part of their manhood? (Ah, yes - that's called The Bully Archetype!) And what about women who haven't made peace with their 'inner man'? What will they project onto men? And how will they treat each other when their inner disowned man comes out in shadow form?
To be sure, these are some fundamental things to consider when looking at the disintegration of the relationship models we've been conditioned to emulate - and the new emerging models taking their place.

Is he into me or not? The answer is actually in the question!

Some years ago I remember watching an Oprah Winfrey show in which she had an author on who wrote a book call
ed, "He's Just Not That into You". This is a book written by a man as an aide to help women discern whether a guy was really 'into' them or not.

As I watched the show I was struck by all the women who were unconsciously participating in an aspect of their own oppression - I mean, I thought to myself "why would women buy a book that helps them decode the immature, dysfunctional, disrespectful, and indirect communication styles of men? Can't they see that in some way this just perpetuates the oppression and leaves men of the hook from having to change?"

Furthermore, I recently mentioned my observation regarding this issue on my radio show and someone commented on my Facebook page that they didn't quite get why I found this particular Oprah show and book disheartening - in her view the author had written a book to help women take care of themselves by discerning against insincere men.

"Ok, I see that point of view as the book does indeed speak to a need women have in understanding how to relate to certain men's immaturity," I replied. "But here's the thing: the fact that a book like this became a best-seller points to the deeper cultural imbalance/oppression I spoke of on my show. Furthermore, I'm suggesting that women who buy a book like that may actually enable the issue of inequality rather than confront it - which in turn re-oppresses them!

While the book may positively serve as a guide to dealing with the symptoms, it doesn't ask the deeper question as to what causes men conduct themselves in such ways in the first place! What if a white man wrote a book for African-Americans to better help them understand whether white people liked them or not, and African-Americans then bought that instead of confronting 'racism'?

In my view, there's much more going on than what appears on the surface of this issue which isn't being interrogated. If we don't address the causes that give rise to a books like this then women will just look for the next book that replicates the same message." (Anyone pick up a copy of "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man" after it was on the Oprah Winfrey show a few years later?)

Get into your soul and then into him/her!

Based on hundreds of readings in recent years, it has been my intuitive sense for some time that a new relationship model is in ascendency, while the traditional marriage model is being shattered. But what does this really mean? What are the emerging coordinates of the new paradigm? There is so much that I've wanted to say about this for so long (and since there aren't any talk shows calling me to see what I think, lol!) that I've put together a live on-line event to address this evolutionary process we are all feeling, but no one seems to know how to adequately map.

Please read the information below if you'd like to attend this live online workshop this Thursday, February 11th at 6pm PST/9PM EST or download the MP3 post event. The deadline to sign up is Thursday at 2pm PST/5pm EST - so sign up right away if it speaks to you so you don't miss out! I hope you'll join me as I dive into the questions this newsletter triggers and so much more!

If I don't connect with you this Thursday, then I hope this newsletter has nonetheless given you some Valentine's Day food for thought! I'll be back in a couple weeks with my 'Guide to Psychic Hygiene' - oh yeah, I've got the goods on how to keep your aura shiny, boundaries strong, and shadow in check!

I hope you enjoyed the free MP3 download from my last newsletter and please check out my program Soul Destinies which begins on March 4th! There's a little video montage of what that's about at the end of the newsletter - enjoy!

Sending you tons of love, wishes for true intimacy, equanimity in all your relationships, and good vibes this Valentine's day!

If you have any thoughts to share about this newsletter please feel free to send them to - I'll be sure to read them!

Robert Ohotto
Intuitive Life Strategist

Soul ConnectionsSoul Connections:
Cultivating Intimacy within a New Relationship Paradigm

February 11th, 2010 - 6pm PST/9pm EST
(Registration is closed)

It’s no accident that certain people come into our lives. In fact, we’ve made soul agreements to meet them before we were born as part of a Divine design! So why do we often feel that the intimacy in our lives is anything but Divine? Why does dating sometimes feel like a crapshoot that leaves us feeling so crappy? Why do our committed relationships and marriages often feel so claustrophobic and disconnected?

Join Robert Ohotto for a ground breaking live online event as he maps out the new relationship terrain that is emerging via the by-product of our spiritual evolution and personal empowerment. Find out what is really required to authentically connect and establish ‘soul’ intimacy with others in your life.

Whether you’re single and looking for guidance on how to date, wanting to cultivate more intimacy in your current relationships, or wanting guidance as to if your relationship should end – this is the workshop for you! Through Robert’s guidance during this interactive online event you’ll be empowered to open yourself to the love your life was destined for.

Robert will offer insight into the following areas:

  • Soul Contracts and Dating
  • Understanding the Marriage Archetype
  • Moving from Co-Dependency to Interdependency
  • Knowing if you’re being guided by your Ego or your Soul in dating and relating
  • Attracting a Partner not a Project
  • Defining Power vs. Powerlessness in Relationships
  • Which Archetype does your dating? Which does your loving?
  • Falling in love vs. falling into illusion
  • Discernment vs. Judgment in Dating and Relating
  • How to Stay ‘Awake’ in your Dating and Relationships
  • Sexuality and Intimacy
  • Seeking a Mate using Astrology and Tools of Typology
  • How to choose love over fear – exploring your ‘edges’ in relationships
  • Cultural Spells and Relationship Models
  • Developing the courage to stay when you want to run
  • Defining what you want vs. attracting what you get
  • Shadow Dancing, Projection, and Being Mirrored
  • Being with someone for who they are instead who they could become
  • Stripping away projected images, pretense, and roles
  • Controlling vs. Trust in Relationships
  • Understanding relationships as a verb not a noun
  • Compassion, Self-Care, and Boundaries in Relationships
  • How to cultivate Self-Love while experiencing disappointment and rejection
  • How to have a Sacred Divorce or Break-up
  • Internet Dating – Friend or Foe?

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Register for the online course (Registration is now closed).

Step 2: Once you have purchased this course, we’ll send you a link with login instructions. Please be sure to save your purchase order because you’ll be using your email address as your username and your order number as the password! Additional login information will be sent once your purchase order has been received. You may also download the event if unable to attend it live, but must purchase the event by February 11th, 3pm MST to do so.

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