Happy Holidays Everyone!

I know it’s been a long time since you’ve heard from me. I’m learning that one should never underestimate the enormity of relocating as I get further settled here in my new home in Boulder, CO. Can I just tell you how much I love it here? There’s fresh air, sunshine, and snowboarding - what else could I ask for this time of year?!

I hope you are well, and send my deepest prayers to support you as 2009 winds down and we begin to look ahead to 2010. Wow, we are soon to start a new decade! And do we have some changes to going on or what? That said, I look forward to working with all of you in the New Year and helping you transform your Fate into Destiny.

Speaking of Fate and Destiny, it’s always around the holidays that we are most likely called to revisit our Family Fate! As during this time we gather with our family members and reconnect with the psyche of our family of origin - for better or for worse, lol! As such I’ve put together a live online event for December 17th that will help you understand and honor your soul contract with your family. It’s my intention through this online event to empower you to see all of your family members through the compassionate eyes of your soul and embrace your experiences with them - even the ones with rough edges! 

Below is a description of the live online seminar and I hope you’ll join me as I investigate the soul contracts we have with our families and guide you into some holiday healing! I look forward to connecting with all of you and having a good laugh and cry together as we deeply alchemize the lead of your Family Fate into a golden sense of renewed Destiny. This may just be in fact the best gift you give to both yourself and your family members for the holidays - for when you heal and transform, so does everyone in your family.

If you are unable to attend the online event live, you can still sign up and download the audio MP3 after the event has occurred, as can all live attendees. This way you’ll have a guide to reference throughout the holiday season! The cost is $15; please follow the links below for more information and to sign up. I’ll also be deeply covering the upcoming cosmic cycles of Mercury and Mars Retrograde as part of the seminar - oh yeah, they’re coming! - and how they’ll affect you this holiday season!

Life Strategies for the New Year
Speaking of cosmic cycles, I will be doing a ‘kick ass - start the New Year right’ workshop in Chicago through the CMED Institute! You’ll find a detailed description of that below as well as a little YouTube video clip I shot for Myss.com. This weekend intensive will be a fantastic way to chart your Destiny in 2010. I hope to see you there!

I’ll be back in a couple weeks with a guide to the upcoming Mercury Retrograde, so stay tuned! It’s nice to connect through my newsletter again, I’ve missed you all!


Robert Ohotto
Intuitive Life Strategist

Holiday Survival Strategies - Live Online Event!Holiday Survival Strategies - Live Online Event!    
December 17th, 2009 6pm PST / 9pm EST
If the holiday season leaves you feeling more picked apart than the Christmas turkey, then you won’t want to miss this live online event! Join Robert for a powerful ninety-minute one-night live online workshop that will prepare you to handle the holidays - and yourself - with compassion. With his usual humor and bottom-line intuitive and practical guidance, Robert will help you understand the soul contract you have with your family while teaching you how to hold onto your power through defined yet loving boundaries with family members. Sign up now >

Through this live online interactive workshop Robert will teach you:

  • The current archetypal cycles energized this holiday season and how to work with them
  • How to identify the disempowered archetypal role you’ve played in your family as a contract and transform it into a new creative force in your life
  • The importance of understanding The Scapegoat archetype and its empowered companion The Alchemist as part of transforming Family Fate into Destiny
  • Ways to identify the unclaimed pain you’ve inherited from your family and rewrite the story lines of your family drama
  • Essential tools of Self-Parenting and identifying your Child archetype
  • How to cultivate compassion for family members that really trigger you, whilst still maintaining boundaries which protect the space of your own transformation
  • Ways to identify when a family member has sent you an invitation to ‘shadow dance’ with them and how to decline the invite!
  • The anatomy of the family psyche and how to understand it as an energy system
  • How to choose love over fear with family members
  • Why family members resist your empowerment and often times subconsciously seek to sabotage it
  • How to let go of your need of approval from family members so you can move forward with your life’s purpose
  • Ways to practically use acceptance, forgiveness, and gratitude as alchemical elixirs of transformation within family dynamics
  • The importance of knowing what you can and can’t control within family dynamics
  • How to cleanly detach from toxic family members while owning your own shadow
  • How to heal from family rejection, betrayal, and abandonment wounds

And much more!

Plus, there will be an additional 30 minutes of Q&A with Robert after the lecture portion of the event for those who want to stick around and keep going! And once the event has concluded you will be able to download the audio and listen to it again -- as much as you need to keep you in the zone of choosing self-care and love over old story lines and fear this holiday season with family.

Give yourself the gift of learning strategies of Grace to survive the holidays fully empowered and on Purpose!

Sign up now >

Embracing Your Soul's Schedule - Living Your Most Potent Potential in 2010

January 14 - 17, 2010 / Oak Brook, IL

Robert on YouTubeEmbracing your Soul's Schedule - Living Your Most Potent Potential in 2010


2010 is a year that will reshape the destinies of every human being on this planet. Simply stated, 2010 will be a pivotal year of global and personal transformation. The question each of us should ask is, "How will 2010 affect me?" How will the celestial and archetypal forces guiding your personal life redirect you - because they are doing that right now. No one's life will be the same by the end of this year as this is a year that will see the type of events occur that awaken people to the reality that they must think of themselves as members of a global community. Defining your highest potential within the context of global change and finding your new role represents a new and more authentic understanding of "highest potential". That is, whereas the emphasis on 'highest potential" was once thought to be an occupational pursuit, the truth is your highest potential is a soul's calling, one that is revealed to you as you seek to redefine yourself within the context of a person of service, of spontaneous creativity, as someone who is capable of detaching from the past and pursuing intuitive counsel. These are the skills that need to be relied upon now more than ever, skills such as learning to recognize and interpret the archetypal agreements that energetically organize the path that is your life.

Before we were born each of us not only agreed to work with fundamental creative patterns, called archetypes, as part of our purpose - we also agreed to a Soul Schedule. This is a divine timeline through which our Destiny is meant to unfold through the archetypal cycles of time on Earth. Join renowned Intuitive Life Strategist and Archetypal Astrologer Robert Ohotto as he guides you through a powerful weekend intensive designed to ignite your highest potential for 2010. He’ll show you whether your goals for the New Year are driven by ego wounds or soul power. Discover the core archetypal patterns you must transform to move out of your Fate and into your Destiny. Robert will help you understand your Soul’s Schedule while mapping the cosmic cycles for 2010 so that you can create holistic strategies for living your fullest potential in the New Year. 

In the ground breaking workshop you’ll learn:

  • The difference between your Fate and Destiny
  • How to break free from the unconscious ways your sabotage your potential
  • How to discern whether your goals are driven by wounds and expectations of others, or a call of the soul
  • The Anatomy of your Psyche
  • How to develop the discipline of working with your Shadow
  • When you are mistaking your need for validation for your life’s purpose
  • How to transition from servitude to service in your life
  • What your Soul’s Schedule is and how to honor it
  • How to recognize intuitive guidance and synchronicity as guardians of your Soul’s Schedule
    - The alchemy of shifting the expression of an archetype in your life
  • Strategies for embracing the consequences of your own personal transformation and empowerment
  • The dominant archetypal forces co-creating reality in 2010
  • Primary Archetypes you must dialogue with when animating your potential:
    - Prostitute
    - Victim
    - Child
    - Saboteur
    - Perfectionist
    - The Rescuer
    - The Codependent
    - The Addict/The Mystic
    - The Seeker
    - The Wounded Healer
    - The Entrepreneur
    - The Pragmatist
    - The Visionary
    - The Starving Artist
    - The Networker
    - The Trickster
    - The Student/Teacher
    - The Narcissist/Vampire
  • Your “Flow Chart of Destiny” and what determines the way you incarnate your life’s potential and the outcome of your goals
  • How you may have unconsciously opted ‘out’ of your life’s potential
  • A forecast of the archetypal cosmic cycles of Fate and Destiny for 2010 that define the limits and potentialities of the year and how you best work with them to strategize timing and goals in your life

This extraordinary weekend intensive will leave you with intuitive insights, practical tools, and sensible strategies on how to listen to and navigate your calling during our current challenging times of collective and personal transformation. This is a workshop not to be missed.

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