Our Cycles of Fate and Destiny, Summer 2009 -
Strategies for Re-envisioning the Future

Happy Summer Everyone!
Wow, so it's been two months since I've connected with you via my newsletter. I wish I could say I was taking a break, but the truth is I have been busy busy busy!  We have much to catch up on! Most notably it's time to take a look at the archetypal cycles as mirrored by the planetary movements in the sky, which via synchronicity show us the movement of our souls. But before we do that I wanted to let you all know about my summer workshop schedule (with a hint of this fall)! I hope you can make it to one of the two weekend intensives I'm doing. It's always so great to connect in person and transform Fate into Destiny together. : )

Summer Workshops

I am doing two weekend intensives this summer as follows:

Infinity Foundation Living your Most Potent Form of Destiny:
July 18th-19th, 2009 - 9:30am - 4:00pm

Join Robert in just outside of Chicago in Mundelein, Illinois for a workshop centered on helping you discover various ways you may be unconsciously fating yourself and thereby violating aspects of your life's purpose. Come to know the universal forces of Fate and Destiny which direct the unfolding of your life. Learn what it means to tap into the most potent manifestation of your destiny! Empower yourself with new coordinates of purpose and soul-esteem. This is a must if you felt lost or stuck or are ready to take your destiny to new heights. An informational letter for the retreat will be sent a couple of weeks prior to it. The nearest airport is Chicago O'Hare. Breakfast and Lunch are included in course fee for both Saturday and Sunday. CEU's available!
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OMEGA InstituteOmega Institute
Living the Life Your Soul Intended: July 31st - August 2nd, 2009

Meet Robert in Rhinebeck, New York for a workshop that guides you toward a revolutionary way to perceive your life. Based on fifteen years of professional experience as a professional intuitive and personal investigation, "Living the Life Your Soul Intended" will teach you how to decode your contracts with Fate and Destiny, identify your archetypes, discover your true passion, and also show you how to align with your soul's design so you can embrace your true calling in life. You'll map the terrain of your psyche and learn to see your life with symbolic eyes! 
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Robert's New Workshop CD

Workshop CD Free shipping on this product, click picture to order!
I am happy to announce that I've produced my first workshop CD, Transforming Fate into Destiny. For a limited time you can purchase the CD and receive free shipping! This CD is recording of a lecture I gave at Celebrate Your Life in 2008 based off of the themes in my book, yet takes you even further with new insights and makes a great companion to the book (which you can also purchase off of my website currently with free shipping included.)  Here's a brief description of what's included:

In this live recording from his appearance at the Celebrate Your Life conference; Robert takes you beyond the pages of Transforming Fate into Destiny and into real-life application of the concepts in his book. 



  • The importance of Animating Your Destiny in service to the world
  • Engaging with Archetypal forces as allies toward realizing your Destiny
  • Self Fate vs. Archetypal Fate and using them to realize your purpose
  • Mapping the Cycles of Life via the Astrological model
  • Understanding Victim Consciousness on your path to personal power
  • Recognizing Cultural Spells that shape your Fate
  • Using Initiations into Authenticity to deepen your integrity
  • Awakening Inner Authority and moving into your power
  • Aligning with Soul Esteem and your intrinsic worth
  • The value of External Validation and Outer Esteem
  • Synchronistic Intervention as a wake-up call
  • Fated Redirections, Creative Obstacles, and their ability to create change
  • Voices of Fate & Destiny and engaging with the mystery of your Soul
  • Fate Points & Choice Points and discerning their signs
  • Importance of integration and working with the Shadow
  • Working with forces of transformation and your Soul's Contract
  • Suffering vs. Pain and their place in your Soul's growth


Our Cycles of Fate and Destiny, Summer 2009 - Strategies for Re-envisioning the Future

No matter if you've just lost your job, are thinking of moving, are wondering if you're going to lose your job, or concerned as to whether now is the time to start a new business or if your current business is going to collapse in this economic process we're in - we can all feel that change is in the air...because, well it is indeed!

As I usually do quarterly, I thought now would be a great time to get a sense of what our cosmic soul asks of us at this time by outlining a few archetypal cycles using my favorite intuitive tool: astrology.

Now I know that there are many of you who've followed me for years with the work that I've done pioneering intuitive archetypal astrology, yet there are still those new to the scene that I'd like to educate on what I feel astrology to really be - a map of synchronicity.

Astrology was created out of the natural relationship our ancestors had with the sky and nature in which they projected through a mythic imagination their interior psyche onto the stars. In doing so they mapped out exquisitely the creative forces of themselves, which are also the creative forces of life here on earth that unfold via cycles of time. The planets don't 'cause' anything per se, rather mirror what is happening both within and without us. Nor is this about personality traits and who 'should' date who folks! This is about how our lives unfold through creative patterns which both contain us and are within us. This is about our soul agreements with Fate and Destiny to experience the creative processes of life here on Earth.

That said, let's look at those creative archetypal processes that are directing our lives now and some strategies for working with them consciously. I've found that when we work with these patterns consciously it's like flowing with the current and realizing that there really isn't anything upstream that we really want anyway!

Pluto in Capricorn, Economic Death - Choice or Coercion?

Ok, so this is the part of the newsletter that gets all dark and gloomy, so get ready! We simply must look at the shadow for a spell for only then can we truly see the light. With that in mind, the economic process we are reckoning with now is not something we can avoid. It is in fact our Fate. Furthermore it's a Fate resulting in part from decades of a collective unconsciousness regarding our limits as mortals living on a planet with limited resources.

This Fate has come on our path to confront us with our own collective shadow and has been exacerbated by many of the choices individually and collectively made the past ten to eight years. But make no mistake, this current economic transformation is not just the result of bad banking and mortgages, it's the result of a system that could no longer thrive within a change of course mandated by the world's soul. And though this is just the beginning of the transformation, we can influence how this plays out in the future! We can either choose to accept that we are going through a major bottoming out, not unlike an addict, and chose the hard work of real recovery - or we can stay in denial and try to stay high on another quick fix which will bring us to a harder bottom in the long run.

Let's face it; recovering from our addiction to the old economy will take hard work and will require at least twelve steps! Not to mention the withdrawal symptoms are painful and remind us that Destiny sometimes hurts. We have to take some time and rewire our values and goals, while we lose aspects of our old lives in the meantime. But from what I can sense in terms of the intention of this cycle, we really don't have a choice. The Lord of Death and the Underworld, Pluto, is energizing the pattern of Capricorn and bringing all shadow issues up regarding capitalism and power so that something in us dies. Why? So we can lose our jobs and suffer? No, so we can be reborn in alignment with new possibilities of creative renewal through new systems of economy. But something must die no exceptions...

Take a moment and reflect on what you are willing to let die for creative renewal in your life that is associated with the old economic model? What does that look like? What aspect of your lifestyle is being challenged? What shadow issues is this bringing up for you to see in yourself?

I wrote about this process quite extensively in a previous article, so I won't belabor this cycle further as its manifestations are readily apparent in our lives and on the nightly news. Which brings me to my good news, whew!

Every death brings a rebirth and other cycles in motion now are inseminating those who are willing to get pregnant...yikes, nice metaphors Robert...lol! But we must remember that pregnancies take time and there are many processes occurring during them that lead to birth. Right now there is an archetypal cyclical process that mirrors that back to us quite well: the current Jupiter Retrograde in Aquarius!

Jupiter Retrograde in Aquarius - Re-envisioning the Future

All the planets in the astrological model symbolize forces within our consciousness. Therefore, before I talk about our current Jupiter Retrograde, once again I feel we must understand Jupiter as a symbolic aspect in our psyche. Jupiter is the planet that represents the function of intuitive perception in our consciousness. Whereas Mercury represents our capacity to process and gather data via the mind, Jupiter isn't concerned about data per se, but with what it means. You will find Mercury part of you reading a book in the corner learning lots of facts and figures, while the Jupiter part is in the other corner cracking a book open on Transforming Fate into Destiny (shameless plug I know, ha!).

Said another way, Jupiter symbolizes the capacity to perceive life as being symbolically imbued with meaning and purpose. Jupiter is also concerned with the expansion of our lives and of what we could ideally be. In our solar system, Jupiter is the largest planet and this archetype in us seeks to channel the maximum potential of Destiny our lives are designed to hold.

Mythologically and historically, Jupiter has been associated with the king, patriarch, and the chief god in various pantheons. The gods associated with the astrological planet Jupiter, such as Zeus, were known as gods of thunder, learning, wisdom, justice, and prophetic vision. Thus Jupiter is the part of us that seeks to understand the bigger picture of our lives and what Truth means to each of us.

Now let's look at Jupiter not just as a force within your psyche, but also as a force that co-creates through cycles of time our reality on Earth. When this cosmic force is going direct in the heavens and in us it brings expansion and optimism to various aspects of our lives as symbolized by the planets and houses it transits in our birth charts with an intuitive trust in future outcome. (If you'd like to understand more about this I highly recommend ordering the Personal Birth Chart Workbook and Report listed below and taking my Intuitive Astrology course on line!)

Jupiter as a moving cosmic force brings light, faith, and confidence, with a vision that is holographic in nature. "This is what you could be if you only take a risk and have a little faith..." Jupiter whispers in our ear when it's going forward in direct motion as it plants its seeds of visionary potential.

Moving swiftly forward Jupiter entered into the zodiacal sign of Aquarius on January 5th of this year and ignited an urgent and universal need for revolution in our world that incorporates a worldview that what we each do affects others (in synchronicity right around the same time the new President of the USA came on the scene). In this light, as we set goals for the future we must honor our basic humanity as part of the equation lest we fall back into the old model of narcissism that is now dying. There are other cosmic forces currently in the sign of Aquarius (Neptune and Chiron) of which Jupiter has joined in their plight to heal our world through a vision of unity that allows us to honor our oneness and individuality at the same time.

Thus the overall message, impulse, and download now has much to do with re-envisioning how we define our Destiny as we move away from self-serving goals and ambitions toward aspirations that joins us together in the reinvention of the world. In case you haven't noticed we are and have been globalizing for some time and our new technologies (i.e. the internet and most recently Twitter in Iran) are changing the rules.

From January 5th until June 15th Jupiter was moving right along in Aquarius expanding its energy and themes. As such I saw so many of my clients becoming very concerned about the future of their lives as the economy and job market continued to change. Yet as I intuitively read client after client, I picked up that so many were being inspired with new visions of how they wanted to impact the world through a new sense of purpose. You also are being asked via these cycles what your bigger place in the world is, but as you ask yourself that question you also unconsciously are asking to be shown where you aren't empowered to embrace the role of what you could be. The realization that 'we are the ones we've been waiting for' is at hand, but what does that really mean? Furthermore what does it ask each of us to transform to embody it?...here we enter into the intention of the Jupiter Retrograde which began on June 15th and ends on October 12th!

As I proceed further with this article please realize that I'm going to amalgamate other cycles into this assessment because we must also realize that other energies in the world now are asking us to become practical revolutionaries to current changes. There is no "secret" that's going to magically get us out of this mess folks (how ironic that book, which is about magically thinking your way to abundance, is still a number one seller and yet the economy is at its worst in sixty years!...oops, I digress.)

By way of background astronomically, Jupiter spends about one year in each zodiacal sign as it makes its sojourn through the heavens. During that time Jupiter goes retrograde once and spends about four months in retrogression (retrogression is the apparent movement of a planet backwards in the sky.) That said, what does a Jupiter Retrograde generically ask of us as a process and how can we strategize to harmonize our plans with its energy and intention?

First, as Jupiter is concerned with meaning, when Jupiter goes retrograde inner gravity pulls you inside yourself to investigate deeply the current philosophies or paradigms that you use to perceive your life as meaningful. In the case of Jupiter in Aquarius look at your worldview: Do you consider the bigger picture of your role to humanity in your current plans and goals? Are you being practical with what of your vision is realizable? Do you currently lack the discipline, boundaries, and healthy self-care that can allow you to expand your life into other areas of endeavor?

These are many of the questions I've seen client after client confronting. I've intuitively read many folks who have been feeling an inner push to move on, but can't pull it off yet because they currently lack the confidence and self-regard required to energize other risks for expansion. For many clients, trying to extend themselves more will put their health and life at risk. Some are simply lost as they watch the outer world forcing them within and causing the growth and expansion that they'd hoped for withdraw in the area of their natal chart/life in which Jupiter is going retrograde, which will leaves them with the question, "Why?" And then gives them motive to call me!

As an intuitive I've discovered in not only the life of my clients, but in my own life, that we often are given a vision of possibility for our lives long before it's meant to be born. It's as if there is an organic process to the way in which intuitive inspiration and guidance moves through our energy system from the crown chakra down into the earth of our lives. As whatever you've been downloaded with over the past few months makes its way through your system, it's important to realize that whatever seems to be held up -- whether it was a cherished goal, ideal, career prospect, business venture, relationship, or future vision - simply isn't mature enough yet to be born because you're not wired for it yet! There is much more to consider and evaluate, yet you had to get the download so the process of your transformation could begin such that you might eventually be a suitable vessel for them to incarnate through.

Furthermore, the world may not be ready for your vision to be born either. Timing is everything, thus additionally this summer becomes an incubation phase that requires further 6th chakra research. This doesn't mean you remain idle by any means! But as you look at your goals and ideas you're asked to consider what is most meaningful to you, what serves the bigger picture of your life in this changing world currently in chaos, and what is being transformed in you to wield greater soul empowerment and esteem in this world.

For example, if you're considering getting a higher education, what do you feel called to study? Is it meaningful and authentically connected to what you believe about life? Will it position you in the avant-garde of new industry and economy on the other side of our current transformations? Will this new learning be practically usable in new job markets? Think about it...do your research...feel it out...watch how things unfold in the world.

Another thing that I've already realized with this summer cycle that I ask you to consider is that none of us are going to get where our souls want us to be without help from each other. This is a HUGE key to your future Destiny. Perhaps never before has our connection to community and those who want to see us shine been more important. Now is a great time evaluate your circle of friends, where you live, and how you're socially supported in your life. For each of us to achieve our soul's agenda we need the support of each other. If Destiny is our service to each other, how can we think we can pull it off on our own?

That said, be willing to reach out and ask the appropriate people who can help you for assistance, favors, or their expertise. And be willing to return in kind. I firmly believe we each have something unique to offer each other that can help each of us fulfill our calling in life. It's become very obvious to me that networking with likeminded and ethically resonate individuals is an absolute necessity for us to move forward both individually and collectively. Additionally, and as a side note, I've been doing more relocation readings for people than ever before lately because we all intuitively know that we need to be more mindful of the how our environment and communities nourish (or don't) us. Not a bad time at all to do research regarding relocation if you are feeling the pull.

Every cycle has a mid-point (that's defined by a planets angular relationship to the Sun) in which things begin to clarify and crystallize a bit more. For this Jupiter Retrograde that midpoint is August 14th when Jupiter Retrograde in Aquarius aligns exactly opposite in the sky to the Sun with the Earth in the middle. The release of energy at this time may show up for you as a particular breakthrough. That lingering question of what to do next becomes more clear, you may know more consciously what steps are necessary to take next to fulfill your future visions, you may travel to a far exotic land and meet a hottie and elope (ha! Just making sure you're paying attention!)

I think you get the idea...essentially the intention of this cycle should be more apparent to you around that time. Hopefully this clarity will render you grateful for the suspended animation you've found yourself in during the past two months. As I always say, it's never good to give birth to things prematurely, there will only be complications and lots of damage control!

Speaking of birth, Jupiter will station direct on October 12th. After four months of the annual opportunity we are all given to re-evaluate what has meaning in our life and how we build our morality, goals, and ethics around that, it's now time to get moving on our Aquarian vision. I sense many of you will solidly be in new higher educational tracks by then, planning assuredly a relocation, or ready to take action on new humanitarian goals! 
To be sure the desire to expand and take a few risks will return with renewed vision and enthusiasm. The concept of your life's purpose should re-emerge with a larger and more expanded definition. With new empowerment I hope you will move forward with a deeper sense of what your future vision is, having based that on the whisperings of your soul.

I'm counting on you to fulfill your Destiny as I know that in doing so you play a part in awakening the connection of our common humanity. Spend this summer evaluating what it will take for you to risk bringing out what's best in you. Your fellow human beings will more than appreciate the service you offer us as the by-product of your journey. If you'd like to explore your archetypes and cycles more, please see a description of my personalized astrological life strategy reports through the links below.
I'll be in touch in a couple weeks to talk about how to build community with each other. Until then I'm sending you much love, support, and patience for your Jupiter Retrograde in Aquarius process.

Please feel free to email me your thoughts at robert@ohotto.com!


Robert Ohotto

Robert Ohotto
Intuitive Life Strategist


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This comprehensive report is designed to give you an integrated overview of your life's contract, challenges, and how to use them. Included is a copy of your birth chart with a legend to help decode the symbols of the chart.

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I Can Do It! - November 19-22, 2009November 21, 2009 / 2:30 - 4:00 PM
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