Venus in Aries Retrograde - New Personal Beginnings in the Midst of Cultural Transformation!

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It sure has been a while and I do hope you are navigating the current tough times with poise and faith. Rest assured we will get through this difficult process of collective transformation. Speaking of which, my goal is to help that along with this current newsletter in which I will assess the intention of a current astrological cycle very much related to what's been bubbling up in our cultural and personal processes lately. Additionally I have some news!

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Venus in Aries Retrograde - New Personal Beginnings in the Midst of Cultural Transformation

March 6th - April 17th, 2009

I have been sitting in my house today thinking about what has happened in my life, the lives of my clients, and in the world over the last four weeks since Venus stationed retrograde. In short, what has transpired could fill volumes, yet there is a common theme that emerges from my recollection -- one way of living as defined by an old set of values is about to end, while a new value set and way of living is about to be born.

Any planetary cycle that we can observe is always mirroring back to us an archetypal process of transformation, and Venus (along with Pluto) is most definitely mirroring back to us at this time some of the most poignant and deep issues that are embedded not only our personal lives, but also our culture.

On March 6th Venus stood still in the sky and then appeared to start moving backward astronomically because of her orbit and the Earth's orbit around the Sun creating the phenomenon of retrogression-which is the apparent movement of Venus going backward in the sky. Venus retrogrades do not occur with the same regularity of other planets, such as Mercury (a process I have greatly written about - see my website for more info). In fact, Venus goes retrograde about every 564 days - which is about every year and a half, and then stays retrograde for approximately forty days (six weeks), whereas Mercury stays retrograde for only twenty one days and does so three times a year. What this means in terms of experiencing the Venus retrograde cycle is that it can be a bit jarring for the psyche, as its retrograde energy in less familiar to the usual collective and personal psychic rhythm we experience internally as mirrored via other planetary archetypal cycles.

That said, on March 6th Venus began its journey backward in the sky in the zodiacal sign Aries moving her energy again toward the Pluto in Capricorn process which has been bringing our capitalist patriarchal economy and culture to its knees. Venus as an archetype is the most bereft in our cultural values (I mean where are our temples to Goddesses nowadays after all?!) and deals primarily with our empowerment per our self-esteem.

Extending out of our self-esteem Venus also connects us with themes of self-affirmation, relationships, love, money, emotional resources, values, and expressions of our sexuality. Furthermore Venus in Aries brings up Aries themes related to her archetype of new beginnings, pioneering, aggression, will to power, independence, advocacy, rebellion, the human need to fight for survival, and the ways we define and embody both our feminine (Venus) and masculine (Aries) drives in our lives.

Furthermore, this Venus in Aries retrograde process is in current dialogue with Pluto in Capricorn (which I've already written about in another article, see my website) as symbolized by a 90 degree angular relationship (known as a square in astrology) they are making in the sky. As I go forward from here in this article I will be blending my assessment of this current Venus cycle with the Pluto in Capricorn cycle it's connected to.

Thus, it would seem that through both Venus and Pluto the heavens ask us to evaluate all themes relative to patriarchal systems of money management, job security, old societal marriage models, expression of sexuality and a healthy spirit of rebellion against that which thwarts our individual right to affirm ourselves both as independent and affirmed men and women.

Additionally, I've noticed that we're asked to take an unflinching assessment of the unconsciousness we've entertained in these areas and the amount of confidence and faith it will require to transform them and begin anew once we've seen what's been hidden!

For women (who coincidentally are 90% of my client base) I have seen these themes readily apparent in not only my clients, but also the talk shows that draw a large female demographic, namely the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Exemplary of my female clients lately, tonight I just did a reading on a woman who is deep in the process of healing the family legacy she was born into that held back a healthy expression of the innate soulful masculine pioneering spirit (Aries) of all the women in her family line.

Her mother could only express the shadow of this Aries energy via the narcissist archetype as she sold out her soul's independence for financial security - which caused her to feel vacant inside such that she kept my client hostage to her vacancy via emotional drama that kept the focus on her. Now at 58 years old my client is trying to understand why she has drawn other narcissists into her life, most notably her ex-husband whom she now has to buy (for millions of dollars) a business back from that she founded as part of the divorce settlement! Ouch!

But such are the types of lessons many women are now facing as men are losing jobs and are no longer able to be the knight to their damsel. The way that myth has been embraced is ending now. This Venus Retrograde seems to be asking many women if they are finally ready to begin rescuing themselves by being the knight to their own damsel. Especially if that damsel is being abused or scapegoated by the knight's insecurity, which brings me to Oprah...yes, I watch and love her show...ahem...!

The past few weeks Oprah's show has been a perfect mirror of the Venus issues trying to work themselves out. Oprah's had numerous shows -- from women getting beaten by their boyfriends, women consulting the latest male love guru with a new book on relationship advice based around old ways of getting male approval, to shows that speak of why women who are ovulating are more attractive to men!

Yet sadly, I've seen no shows on how love (Venus) is also and ultimately forged on the level of the soul contracts we've made with each other - and how this perspective completely rewrites the rules of relationship and asks us to rethink our values around marriage and what ultimately attracts us to someone. (Hey Harpo, I'm available to speak to this! LOL!)

Seriously, how can we create a new model in which women can be given a new capacity to stand as individuals in relationships with men without having to sell out their soulful independence (Venus in Aries)? When will we begin to see talk shows on that? When will we understand that the ways women fall prey to abusive partners is often proportionate to their disowned will and anger over being treated as less than by a patriarchal culture which has oppressed them generationally? Oh, just wait until I'm on Oprah! Ha!

All of these are quite powerful questions to ask as an economy previously ran by men comes to an end and men lose jobs shifting the balance of livelihood onto women in ways that we haven't seen since WWII. Venus in Aries most certainly asks us to look at how our culture denies women from engaging authentically the affirmative masculine part of their psyche. And the cycle highlights for me that our resurrection from this current economic mess will largely rely on the full emancipation of women into increasing positions of economic and social power. Generally speaking men simply don't have the introspective skills women have been socialized to develop to get us through this next phase (ok, except for maybe Obama!) Oh yeah, onto men and this Venus Retrograde...

Men on the other hand, who are losing identities while losing jobs, are having to ask themselves whether they can survive with old definitions of masculinity (Aries) being based on the mark they can competitively leave on the world. I mean, who are we as men without our jobs and damsels to rescue? I've seen men gutted of their confidence and left with a feeling of emasculation in light of this cycle and economic events.

Perhaps it's finally time to redefine who we are as men so we can stop feeling like we have to hurt our wives, girlfriends, and each other when the world doesn't go our way and affirm our virility. I believe it's also time that we returned to the Goddess and honored Her power in our lives and in ourselves.

Most of my male clients have fallen into a depression which beckons them to uncover their inner feminine and integrate that into their masculinity, lest they remain the bully on the playground of life that has to emasculate others to affirm their power. Men now have to take responsibility for their inner life in a way that I've never seen before...and for some that has brought about the defense mechanism of addiction as a way to avoid this inner emotional realm. Many of my recovering clients have suffered relapses lately after years of sobriety and I sense many new folks are developing addictions as a way to cope. Yet, what a fantastic opportunity for men to step into a new model of manhood and confidence by embracing new spiritual coordinates!

I must admit, as a man, looking at how insecure I am with my own masculinity is humbling. Not to mention acknowledging that I'm not really in control of how life unfolds is equally as terrifying. But the new integrity that is bringing into my life is incredible. I don't have to fight every battle, and some battles are won by letting my soul decide - which means through acceptance and surrender. Furthermore, some battles are won by just feeling what I feel! 

We're All in this Together!
No matter who you are, the Venus Retrograde is a global process. Take a moment and think about what's been going on in your life the past four weeks relative to the archetypal energy of Venus in Aries that I've already mentioned. What issues began surfacing four weeks or so ago that deals with love, interdependence in relationships, embracing a new model of femininity and masculinity, affirmation, money, emotional resources, values, risking to start over, and expression of your sexuality?

Personal Values
Your own personal relationship with Venus and her retrograde cycles demands that you come to know what is personally right and wrong for you as you continue to mature into your authenticity and how that is measured against the values that society and culture feeds you daily. Thus, this retrograde period brings with it a time during which we all must reassess where in our lives our values are in need of refreshing. I think it's important to recognize the ways we are continually told by our media and culture that we should continue to find value in the same thing for the whole of our lives. For example, we are told to keep valuing our youth and fight aging; keep valuing your wedding vows, though they were taken by an older version of yourself that has grown beyond them; keep valuing the stability of your job though it has become claustrophobic; or keep valuing your purpose as equating your job though you just lost yours.

If only the psyche were that static! The soul is here for experience, not security. And our values should change as we age and mature, no? What one held in esteem in their 20's hopefully isn't the same when they are in their 50's.

Each Venus retrograde asks us to take forty days and deeply look at our values and their relevance to our soul's current needs in a certain area of our life. And with Venus currently retrograding back in Aries, the discord we may be feeling signifies the amount of distance that has formed between our ego and the fundamental core passions, values, and higher creative inspirations of our soul. It's time to risk for new beginnings and take courage.

I want to help you ascertain where this retrograde might most apply to you. Thus, what follows are some questions to help you work with the energy of this cycle productively, as well as some Venus in Aries archetypes you might need to dialogue with:

Questions to help identify your Venus in Aries retrograde themes:

Do your relationships allow you to keep your own individuality to participate in interdependent dynamics of loving yourself and others?

What affirms your life and gives you a sense of personal value, fulfillment, beauty, and pleasure? What do you find attractive? What turns you on? Are these things being challenged for review?

What kind of experiences do you tend to attract in love relationships? How do you like to be affirmed in relationships? What is your ideal mate like? What archetype would that be defined as and do you play the opposite role in your relationship myths (Like the Knight and the Damsel?)

What do you value most in friendships? Are you finding yourself competitive and jealous of others that seem to possess what you feel you lack or would like to have? How do you manifest that urge?

Have you been scapegoating others with your issues or have others been doing the same to you? How do you respond to being ignored? Are you currently discovering that you need a lot of external attention to validate your own worth?

Are the choices you make in life in alignment with your values? Or do they betray what you say you value and reveal something else?

What do you consider to be your worth? What will you sell yourself for? What can buy you? What defines your honor code?

Read over the following of archetypes and see if any seem to be animated for you during this Venus retrograde in Aries and why. What do they need you to recognize about your values and personal power?

The Goddess, The Lover, The Sacred Prostitute, The Courtesan, The Adventurer, The Harlot, The Femme Fatale, The Temptress, Artemis, The Bully, The Patriarch, The Pioneer, The Athlete, The Competitor, The Hedonist, The Sex Addict, The Celibate, Aphrodite, The Scapegoat, The Don Juan, The Enchantress, Eros, Casanova, The Companion, The Consort, The Empress, The Damsel, The Flirt, The Gigolo, The Survivalist, The Sensualist, The Mediator, The Renunciate, The Sadist, The Masochist, The Sexual Healer/Therapist, The Priestess, The Princess, The Narcissist, The Vampire, The Tramp, The Counselor, The Materialist, The Bitch, The Jealous Lover, The Unrequited Lover, The Diva, The Vixen, The Entrepreneur, The Queen, The Independent, The Co-Dependent.

Venus will end her retrograde on April 17th. Until then, spend some time with her. Invite her to dinner. Of all the Goddesses in the Roman and Greek pantheon, she's the one who will appreciate your attention the most! And as you honor her, you will honor yourself.

And most of all, don't forget your power of conscious choice which is always supported by what you value most - yet you must discern whether your values are your own or socially conditioned.  Trust your own soul and keep the faith!

I would love to hear your comments about this article as well as my new on-line course. Please feel free to email me at Until next time...


Robert Ohotto

Robert Ohotto


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