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Hey, Everyone!

Thanks to everybody for making my book launch last month such a success. I really hope that Transforming Fate into Destiny speaks to all of you in a meaningful and life-affirming way. I am very grateful to be able to help you in your quest to understand your life’s purpose through whatever insights I can offer. AND we are currently drawing the winning names for our promotional gifts, so please pay attention to your email over the next few days, as that’s the way we’ll be contacting you if you’ve won one of the 35 prizes we’re giving away! If you’re receiving this newsletter that means you’re already entered in the drawing...Good luck!

There’s a lot going on in the sky right now with various planetary alignments that I plan on addressing next week in another newsletter— most notably all the Aquarian energy that’s kicking our butts! Are any of you feeling like you’re being asked to practically revolutionize your life or is it just me?  Oh, the wonderful workings of the Universe which continually call us back to our Soul. : )

Soul Destinies 2009 Package Deals!
I hope you’ve all enjoyed the YouTube videos. I plan on producing more of them in the future and perhaps making some podcasts. In fact, I’ve just made another one to tell you about the Ananke-Apollo Institute and its programs. Speaking of which, we still have some spaces left in the upcoming program Soul Destinies on March 12th-15th and we’ve put together a new limited time offer to come! This program is specifically designed to help you discover your Soul’s purpose in this life through three weekend intensives. Each intensive is held in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota and builds on the other. If you’re feeling stuck and confused in your life, or wanting to invoke a new potency within your purpose, I hope you’ll consider joining me for this program. Please read below for more information and take advantage of some great discounts which are all inclusive!  I’ll be back next week with our contest winners and more interesting things to say...

In the meantime, once again, thank you for supporting my work. It is an absolute honor to serve you through my Destiny.

Until next time,


Robert Ohotto

Robert Ohotto


Robert describes his Soul Destinies workshops and his teaching institute

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Soul Destinies Part I: March 12-15, 2009Soul Destinies Part I: March 12-15, 2009
Robert invites you to take new steps toward your life's purpose through his 3-part program, Soul Destinies. Join him in the Black Hills of South Dakota for the first intensive workshop of the New Year. During this weekend of sacred revelation, insight and healing, you will acquire tools to discover the most potent form of Destiny your life was designed to hold in service to this world. Enter into this transformational work by identifying and engaging the powerful energetic forces of your Soul’s archetypes and leave having gained the knowledge of Its highest calling.  
Learn more >



Soul Destinies Part II: May 7-10, 2009Soul Destinies II: May 7-10, 2009
Robert leads you through the depths of the Psyche and into the realms of the Shadow. Understand how working with this compelling psychic energy can be an invaluable tool that propels you toward your Soul's purpose in ways that will dramatically impact your view of personal development. Building on the Archetype work begun in Soul Destinies I, Robert will teach you how Archetypal conflict is at its essence, a key to pursuing your life’s path by igniting the creative energy within the psyche as part of your Cosmic Contract. Robert will also introduce intuitive work and the vital role it plays in the ongoing process of self-discovery. Learn more >



Soul Destinies Part III: Oct. 15-18, 2009Soul Destinies III: October 15-18, 2009
Explore the dynamic nature of your Cosmic Contract and experience a deeper understanding of the collective process of Fate and Destiny as Robert navigates this workshop through ever-deeper waters of the Psyche. Learn how to dislodge embedded cycles of self-sabotage and recognize the timing of your Soul's Schedule. Shed light on the Dark Night of the Ego and delve into the mandates of your Cosmic Contract as you integrate emergent aspects of your core Self into the Ego. In the language of astrology, this weekend intensive is all about discovering how to navigate your transits! Learn more >




Sign up for Soul Destinies I, II, and III before March 3, 2009 and receive an additional 5% discount on the workshops and CDs--for a total savings of 10% off your entire registration! Just click "Enter Coupon" in the shopping cart and type in the code "SD12309" to redeem this offer.

For example, a Single Room normally priced at $1,798.00 is now $1,708.10 after a 5% reduction. A Double, priced at a full-price rate of $1,461 is now $1,387.95. Visit for more pricing details.

Save a total of 10% on all three courses if you purchase them at the same time. That means you save more than $420 on a full-priced Double-room package for Soul Destinies I, II and III. Offer ends March 3rd, 2009.


February 26, 2009 / 10:00 am - 11:00 am PDT

House House RadioDialogue with Destiny: Surrender and Letting your Soul Decide
Have you been struggling with forgiving someone or letting something go? Do you have an important decision to make in your life and can't decide what to do? Are you stuck in your Victim Archetype in some area of your life? Then this show is the medicine you need! Join Robert as teaches you how letting your soul decide is the key to clarity and peace of mind.

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