Living Your Destiny in the Cosmic Cycles of 2009 – YouTube — The Book Launch and Contest for Transforming Fate into Destiny!

Transforming Fate into DestinyHey Everyone!

I am very excited to share with all of you my official book launch for Transforming Fate into Destiny, which begins today. Many of my colleagues who support my work are helping me in this endeavor. Everyone who’s on my email list is being entered into a contest with many prizes, yes that means you!
Please follow this link to find out more.

The drawing for all thirty-five prizes will be on February 18th, 2009. Each winner will be notified directly via e-mail. To claim prizes winners must respond within forty-eight hours of email award letter delivery or forfeit prize, which will then be given to another contestant.  So in other words, pay attention to your emails around February 19th! Last time we gave out prizes we had a hard time getting people to respond back to us. We will be announcing winners on February 24th on my website.

Robert Ohotto on YouTube.comRobert’s finally on YouTube!

I recently did an on camera interview and you can check that out on my YouTube Channel! To watch me talk about my work click here!

Living Your Destiny in the Cosmic Cycles of 2009

After the powerful solar eclipse we had in Aquarius on Monday and given the current Mercury Retrograde, I thought it would be good to remember what living your Destiny is all about. If you able to tune in live to my radio show Thursday on I will be discussing some of the major cosmic cycles going on right now and what they mean for all of us. If you can’t tune in live you can catch it for free up to a week after the original broadcast. By the way, how’s the Mercury Retrograde treating you?  I am SOOO over it, lol! Ya, try doing a book launch during one…what was I thinking??

That said, for as long as I can remember I have always been fascinated by the subjects of Fate and Destiny and the questions that we naturally ask ourselves about these two ideas. Are we fated or free? Is there a contract that our soul has agreed to which serves as the blueprint and plan for our lives here on earth? Can we renegotiate this contract once we are here?

In my many years of working as both an intuitive and astrologer I've learned a lot about the nature of Fate and Destiny. Most notably I've discovered that, yes; we have made agreements with the Universe to experience a certain Fate that directs the trajectory of our purpose. For example, look at the body your consciousness inhabits and your family of origin. Some part of yourself chose these parameters to propel your life in a certain direction.

Yet there is also free will-your capacity to use the power of choice to co-create with the Divine while you're here. And how we engage our ability to make empowered choices not only determines how we work with our Fate, but also shapes what eventually becomes our Destiny.

This renders the power of choice one of the most dynamic parts of the human experience! I wrote Transforming Fate into Destiny to help you understand what motivates your choices and how to discern the difference between Fate and Destiny in your life. We are at a crucial time of needing to harness and reveal what is most unique about ourselves so that we can bring forth our most beautiful intrinsic talents in service to life and each other. This is our Destiny, and yet, the quality of our choices determines the potency in which we live out our Destiny.  We do indeed have free will in many areas of our lives!

Furthermore, while we do have limits that our soul agreed to per our purpose, it's in honoring them as guidance and by engaging creative ways of working with them that new power is unleashed and the world transformed. Destiny then takes form as the infinite positive possibilities only an empowered life can attract.

If you haven’t had a chance to pick up my book, I hope that you soon will and that it serves you well in discovering the unlimited creative potential within your Fate ushering in a life full of vitality and meaning. For the world is counting on you to animate your Destiny.

Thank you everyone for supporting my work. You’re why I do what I do. Thank you. Until next time…


Robert Ohotto

Robert Ohotto

Discover your true calling with Robert Ohotto through his program Soul Destinies March 12th-15th in Spearfish Canyon, South Dakota! 

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Soul Destinies, Spearfish Canyon, South Dakota - Part I, March 12-15, 2009


January 29, 2009 / 10:00 am - 11:00 am PDT

House House RadioDialogue with Destiny: Mercury Retrograde and Understanding Our Collective Cycles of Fate and Destiny
Are you struggling to find footing in this rapidly changing world? Have recent economic and social changes been causing you anxiety? Have you been worried about the future? Listen in as Robert forecasts the Fate and Destiny of 2009 using astrological cycles and talks about the current Mercury Retrograde. Learn how to personally and practically embrace cosmic cycles in ways that maximize your potential this year! More about Robert's radio show>


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