Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius/Capricorn and introducing John Holland!

Hi everyone and Happy New Year! I hope you all had a splendid holiday season full of compassion for all your family members. Speaking of which, thank you for all your emails regarding my last newsletter on that subject! I always love your feedback and your stories.

Wow, it’s been very busy here at with a lot of changes. We’re going to be doing something very exciting in a couple weeks which I’ll tell you about soon. For now I thought it would be great to start the new year off via my astrological roots to talk about the current Mercury Retrograde which just began yesterday! But first I want to introduce you (if you don’t know him already) to my very dear friend, Psychic Medium John Holland.

I met John about four years ago at a Hay House event and we hit it off immediately. Then I got the opportunity to see him live at ‘Celebrate Your Life’ here in Chicago about two years ago…and he was fantastic! I was quite impressed with his skills as a medium and have been a fan of his work ever since. He recently phoned to tell me about this new Tarot deck that he designed with more an intuitive focus to it. Right away I told him to send me one being a connoisseur of Tarot decks.  I plan on having John on my radio show very soon, I’ll keep you posted. But before I say more about his deck, let me tell you a bit about my history with Tarot.

Tarot and Me
I actually got my start in the intuitive arts via Tarot 18 years ago when a college friend, Ben, did a reading on me. I was quite amazed by the information Ben was able to perceive using the Tarot as a tool to tap into his intuition. Ben could sense my intrigue and then asked if I wanted to learn how to read the cards too…and don’t cha know I said yes!
That led to studying with him all summer and thus launched my quest to see the world symbolically and intuitively. It was from this first step that I eventually found astrology and further honed my intuition, and well, I think you know the rest!

John’s Tarot Deck
There is one thing I want all of you to know. I will not network you to books or products  that I don’t truly believe in. Furthermore, though I periodically use my newsletter for promotion and networking purposes, it is my intention that it mainly be content driven.  That said, John’s deck is truly worth checking out.
Traditional Tarot decks are based on the Qabalah and many of them are also fantastic. But what makes John’s deck so unique is the way he’s contemporized it to facilitate dialoguing with your Higher Self by opening up your own intuition. Please look over the promotion below, and if you feel drawn to it, do check it out!  I’ll then meet you down further to discuss this current Mercury Retrograde!

Develop your intuitive insights with this beautifully illustrated Tarot deck

New 65-card Deck and Guidebook

John HollandThe Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck

By John Holland

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The 65 beautifully illustrated cards in this deck will create a powerful bridge between your psychic abilities and the ancient knowledge and meanings of the tarot. They will help you develop intuitive insights about all areas of your life, including love and relationships, business matters, and even career changes.

Holland is keen to stress: "This fascinating deck will work for you, whether you're a novice or are already in tune with your psychic abilities. I've written the accompanying guidebook, where I impart many of my techniques that I've been using myself for years, many of which I now teach in my workshops.

These relate to color, symbology, shapes, words, card spreads, divination, numerology, energy centers, imagination, and so much more. I hope you'll really benefit from this deck."

By using these cards, you'll be able to incorporate John's techniques when you do a tarot reading for yourself, or amaze your friends when you do a reading for them!

For further information about John Holland – Psychic Medium visit
Author with: Hay House, Inc.  P.O. Box 5100, Carlsbad, CA 92018-5100

Psychic Tarot Oracle Deck

Mercury Retrograde Refresher
Essentially astrology is the art and science of intuiting and interpreting the energetic and archetypal cycles of life and your soul’s schedule of unfolding into the world via those cycles. All those planets out there in the heavens are mirrors for what’s happening in us……as above, so below. So any planetary cycle that we observe in the sky/Zodiac is also occurring within, because (as all mystics have said for ages) the ultimate reality is that there is no separation from what’s out there and what’s within. The gift of astrology is born out of learning to work with the cosmic cycles of life consciously, as a co-creative act if you will. So if you can learn to understand the inherent function of a planetary astrological cycle, you can use that energy in a more consciously empowered manner, and bring your timing/efforts more in line with Universal Will, which means more in line with your soul. On to Mercury Retrograde!

What is ‘Mercury Retrograde’ anyway? When Mercury is direct, which it is 80% of the year, it means we can look to the sky and see the planet’s motion going forward against the backdrop of the Zodiac in the heavens. However, about every 3 ½ months the planet appears to start going backward for about three weeks. I say, “appears” because in reality it’s the orbit of the earth in tandem with the planetary orbit of Mercury that makes it appear to move backwards, thought it really isn’t. Nevertheless, this period of time is called Mercury Retrograde.

That being said, what does Mercury Retrograde symbolize as a process within each of us? How does it point our ego toward our soul’s timing? As a function of consciousness, Mercury represents our thinking and communicative processes, the ways we access and use information, make decisions, pay attention to details, and express ourselves. Perhaps most importantly, Mercury also symbolizes the way we consciously perceive reality.

Much of this gets reexamined during a Mercury Retrograde cycle according to the astrological sign’s themes in which it’s retrograde. We are asked to retreat within and reevaluate what serves our life with regards to this Mercurial function of consciousness, and what needs to be upgraded, refined, and/or let go of in the ways that we think about things. If we resist this, then we invoke the “Trickster” side of Mercury contained in Mercury’s function. You all know this too well: miscommunications, missed flights, accidents, computer and other tech breakdowns…need I go on?! All of these are designed to help you realize you’re not in control and that a deeper design is trying to emerge into your consciousness.

When Mercury is moving direct, our minds tend to work on a more functional/forward level. Our energy is invested in more assertive decision-making and action with less retrospection and reflection. However, we are unconsciously picking up on intuitive information, which will come to call during the retrograde cycle for further integration. There needs to be a time of rest and assimilation of all the information that we perceive consciously and unconsciously. A time for our inner wisdom to come forth and guide us to re-organize, rethink, reevaluate, redo, and reboot. This is part of the organic, natural flow of life. Our culture, however, made up of schedules and deadlines, doesn’t often accommodate a cycle of introspective reflection and re-evaluation. This is why this cycle can be so brutal for some of us……Especially those of us, like me, with a thousand deadlines and agendas!

Even though Mercury is moving direct, it will eventually enter into its retrograde zone (the degrees of the astrological sign it will retrograde over) about two weeks before it goes retrograde. This set up phase began on December 26th 2008 for this current cycle.  Around that time signals from the environment would have begun alerting you towards inner and outer situations in need of some reflection and reevaluation – which for this retrograde will be connected to themes of Aquarius and Capricorn.

Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius/Capricorn
January 11th-January 31st, 2009

This Mercury Retrograde (MR) that officially began yesterday on January 11th and ends on the 31st  marks a slow transition that will echo throughout 2009 with the MR’s moving from the Air Signs of astrology (Gemini, Aquarius, Libra)  slowly back into the Earth Signs (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo). Symbolically this means that this year we each will have to assess our ideas (Air) and weigh them against what is practically realizable (Earth) relative to the fate and destiny of our times.

In other words, we must rethink what our destiny (call to service) is and what we can do innovatively to survive in a world that is currently going through a profound economic fate. That couldn’t be truer for this current MR in Aquarius and Capricorn.

Aquarius is fixed air sign in astrology, meaning that it relates to the fixed ideas and visions around which we build our lives. Having a structured mental focus around our ideals is essential to envisioning what could be, in spite of what is. Aquarius is about revolution and innovation.

Yet the Capricorn path is about conservatism, discipline, and facing reality on its terms. Both energies are present during this current MR and I couldn’t think of a better bridge into the New Year, as we are sorely in need of revolutionary innovative conservatism to move our lives forward now. Jupiter has also recently entered Aquarius where it will be all year, issuing forth a call for each of us to expand our lives by engaging the higher mind (Jupiter) in Aquarian themes of innovation, enlightenment, social welfare, humanitarianism, intuition, independence, freedom, and esoteric knowledge.

Even though the Aquarian energy of this MR and Jupiter in Aquarius call us to reevaluate where we need to be progressive, independent, innovative and visionary, the Capricorn part of this MR says that having a vision in life is simply not enough; you have to be able to incarnate it through pragmatism, healthy skepticism, discipline, patience, dedication, and hard work.
Thus, to use these next three weeks wisely, I would counsel a reorganization regarding these themes. Some of you might want to upgrade your current technology (Aquarius) to become more efficient in getting things done in your life (Capricorn) – that’s what I just did by getting new computers, and I sure had my share of retrograde phenomena doing so! It’s also a great time to do some research into what new progressive programs of study (Jupiter in Aquarius) are grounded and offer you a new skill set for jobs (Capricorn) that will be in demand on the other side of this economic dismantlement.

I would have to say that one of the best things to do now is to go back to school and position yourself in a new emerging and needed field of expertise based on what will help heal and propel humanity forward (Aquarius). Any innovative business healers out there ready to heed the call? This MR offers an exquisite opportunity to research what lines of work is out there will bring in an income too! (Capricorn)

Ultimately this retrograde brings a deep surrender and review regarding these themes in our lives. We are asked by Mercury to receive a new message from our soul regarding our life’s purpose—an Aquarian and Capricorn message. To hear it we must reassess our responsibility to embracing our unique revolutionary qualities and how we can practically birth them into service.
Think back around two weeks ago. What was going on in your life and how is that playing out now? What new things entered into your life that were Aquarian and Capricorn in theme and now are being reconsidered? Have you been thinking about going back to school or studying something to gain a new skill set? How might the Universe be trying to trick you into new clarity about your future calling? What conflict and frustrating scenarios are constellating around you, exhausting your energy such that the assertive faculty of your mind/ego takes a back seat and allows a deeper Aquarian/Capricorn direction to emerge and inform your plans? What character assets is the Universe perhaps forcing you to develop through challenging circumstances and how might they fuel your future Destiny and success? As Henry J. Kaiser once said, “Problems are only opportunities in work clothes!”

The abdication of our will/ego to the soul can be quite a struggle as the retrograde cycle commences, and this struggle usually lasts for the first 11 days of the cycle. Usually by the 12th day we are so frustrated and embattled that we give up and the conscious ego is forced to release its hold over our unconscious. This coincides with what is called the ‘mid-point of the retrograde cycle’ (when the Sun joins Mercury in the sky which this time occurs on January 20th in tandem with Jupiter joining the Sun too!) Up until January 20th let the horizon of your consciousness expand, and with Jupiter in the mix, be ready to take a leap of faith based on calculated risk! 

I sense that many of us will need to reconsider where we are headed and how to achieve our soul’s goals. We are going through a scary time in many regards. Many are losing jobs and the economic transition is far from over. I sense it will be around two years before we begin to see a new economic structure more appropriate for our limited earthly resources and new emerging collective consciousness. This MR offers an ideal opportunity to be in consultation with your soul as to how you’re meant to deliver your unique service to this changing world. Though it’s time to practically rethink your life in a way that’s outside of the box, don’t forget that you absolutely have a reason for being here. And that reason is connected to how you serve others.

Though new beginnings may come into view during and post the Mercury Retrograde Mid-point on January 20th, the traditional approach to Mercury Retrograde of refraining from signing new contracts, making new major purchases, making new important decisions, and initiating new endeavors remains intact. This is because the friction in the psyche is still fresh and will birth even more new information and ideas until the cycle completes. This is especially true as this MR includes two Zodiac signs/themes.

As the second half of the retrograde progresses post January 20th, new ideas will become more and more informed. The last ten days of the retrograde cycle thus become a time to be passively receptive to the new, and ensuring you’ve let go of the old. This will allow more time for holistic agendas to emerge as well as better strategies for their enactment. Once Mercury begins its next cycle of going direct on January 31st, get ready to finally sign up for the new innovative course or certification you’ve been considering!

Soul Destinies, Spearfish Canyon, South Dakota - Part I, March 12-15, 2009Speaking of innovative new courses, please give consideration to my own program Soul Destinies offered through the Ananke-Apollo Institute. I have specifically put this course together for those of you that feel called to serve in the intuitive counseling arts, as I believe that this kind of work is indeed part of our collective future and will answer an urgent need for many in the world seeking to understand the reason they were born. We’ve got about 30 spots left for Soul Destinies Part I, held March 12th-15th, so if it calls to you please don’t wait too long and see you soon in South Dakota!

Please send any comments to I feel so blessed to be able to serve you through my unique skills and can’t wait to watch your continued growth as you discover and honor your own uniqueness in 2009!

Be sure to keep checking my calendar of events for upcoming workshops and media appearances. Below is a list of what’s up-and-coming on my radio show this month. I’ll be back in two weeks with some exciting news and more to say...Until then...

Robert Ohotto

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