Our Cycles of Fate and Destiny – Jupiter/Pluto in Capricorn

Greetings Everyone and Happy Autumnal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and Vernal in the Southern! Wow, there’s a lot to catch upon at this crazy time in the world and I thought it would be nice to return to my astrological roots for this newsletter.  From Russia to the US Political Race, to the Economy, and to the crazy weather people all around the world seem to be having as the climate warms and seasons change – there are some things to discuss!

Not only are the seasons literally changing, they are also changing symbolically as we are going through numerous cycle shifts regarding the archetypal forces moving in our collective consciousness -- symbolized in the astrological model by various planetary transits. The planetary cycle I feel that is the most poignant at the moment is Jupiter’s transition through the zodiacal sign of Capricorn as a set up phase for Pluto’s final entry into the same sign. But before I say more about that…some news!

Discover Your Archetypes of Destiny Lecture – Now Available On Demand!

Discover Your Authentic Self: Meet Your Archetype of Destiny - Order On Demand!Many of you emailed me regarding the on-line seminar I gave in August wondering if you could listen to it at another time. Good news -- Hay House has made it available as an on demand podcast or streaming audio file. So if you missed out on this seminar, be sure to click on the banner below to read a description of the lecture and find out how you can download it.

Dialogue with Destiny Radio Show moves to different day for new season!

Thank you to everyone that wrote to me and Hay House regarding how much you enjoy my radio show. Because of your support I have been renewed for another season!  However, beginning in October my radio show will be moving from every other Wednesday to every other Thursday starting on October 9th. The live air time remains 10am PDT/1pm EDT.

As a reminder, you can always listen to the replay that airs at various times/days after the original air time/day—or go into the Hay House Radio archive and listen at your convenience for free up to one week after the original air date at www.hayhouseradio.com. If you’d like to suggest some show ideas I am all ears. Email your thoughts to me at Robert@ohotto.com. Keep those emails coming!

Here are the new topics I’ll be covering in October:

October 9th, 2008 – Thursday, 10am PDT/1pm EDT
Mercury Retrograde in Libra: Owning your projections to reclaim your power.

We all project parts of ourselves onto other people, but why? How do we know if we are projecting vs. perceiving? What might other people be mirroring back to us about our archetypes and worth that we need to see? Let Robert guide you as he investigates these themes as part of the current astrological Mercury Retrograde in Libra.

October 23rd, -- Thursday, 10am PDT/1pm EDT
The Mystic and the Addict: Understanding the Two Forces that call you to your Soul.

Join Robert as he uncovers the relationship that the Mystic and Addict archetypes share as part of your Destiny. If you've been struggling with forms of self-sabotage, addiction, or feeling chained to co-dependent relationships this is a show not to be missed! Robert also reveals addictions you may be suffering from without even knowing it!

I hope you can tune in on your computer. Remember, if you listen live you can call in for to ask a question and receive a reading!

Ananke-Apollo Institute Announces Soul Destinies Certification Program in Intuitive-Archetypal Astrology

Intro to Soul Destinies - Nov. 6-9, 2008For some time I have been considering creating an educational and training program to teach and apprentice others in the work that I do. This has been born out of watching my waiting list for clients grow beyond two years, knowing that even more of you have considered signing up than actually have. I know that there are many of you who possess the right intention, aptitude, and passion to become fantastic professional intuitive-archetypal astrological consultants, yet all you may lack is the right training. In addition, there are many of you that would benefit from the study of intuitive-archetypal astrology as it could apply to other areas of your personal and professional lives (such as business planning for example.)

To that end I am creating an endorsement and certification program in Intuitive-Archetypal Astrology. When I have fully developed the program, which I am calling Soul Destinies, I will be posting the curriculum on my website under the Ananke-Apollo Institute with a full launch of the program sometime next year.

However to get things moving this year I am teaching a class that functions as both the first class in the program and also as a stand alone weekend intensive for anyone interested in discovering their life’s purpose: Intro to Soul Destinies – November 6th-9th in South Dakota.

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Jupiter/Pluto in Capricorn

I have been considering writing an article on this cycle for some time, and now with the US economy sinking even into lower depths and the political race becoming more toxic every day it seems all the more poignant to take a look at what the heavens may be telling us. One of the things that still amazes me about astrology is how well it functions as a timing device of synchronicity. You see, it’s not that the planets really cause anything to happen, they just mirror back to us the archetypal co-creative processes of life as they unfold through time via cycles.

So what does the cycle of Jupiter show us in that regard? Furthermore, what does Jupiter in Capricorn show us that’s important to understand within the context of another cycle of even greater significance: Pluto’s entry into Capricorn this year! To begin, let’s look at the archetypal nature of the zodiacal sign Capricorn as it relates to our culture at this time and then fuse it symbolically with the energy of both the Jupiter and Pluto cycles. Then let’s look at how this affects you personally and us collectively. Capricorns listen up!

Capricorn – Economy, Business, Patriarchy, Politics, and Social Order

Every zodiacal sign in astrology represents a step in the developmental process of human consciousness. By the time we reach the sign Capricorn, symbolized by the mountain goat (sometimes with a fish’s body) we are at process in human development through which our soul must birth into our ego identity by confronting the harshness of the material world and finding our vocational place within it.

This requires tenacity, fortitude, perseverance, mastery, motivation, and ambition – all qualities of Capricorn and that anyone born December 21st-January 19th must develop as part of a life path.

Having a vision in life is simply not enough; you have to be able to incarnate it through pragmatism, healthy skepticism, discipline, patience, dedication, and hard work. Think of an Olympic Athlete and how long they must train just for a split second shot at a medal – this is what working with the pattern of Capricorn is like. This archetype opens a path of individual destiny through structure and self-control that puts on hold immediate gratification such that a greater goal and long term result can be achieved. (I have to say that this aspect of Capricorn is sorely underrated in our current culture of entitled immediate gratification, more on this later!)

Every zodiac sign is an archetype unto itself, yet contains what I call ‘sub-archetypes’ that are connected and issue from it. In the case of Capricorn here’s a brief list of it’s sub-archetypes that I feel are most relevant to the Jupiter and Pluto cycles I’ll be weaving in next…this will all make sense soon I promise, but look these over for now and ask yourself how they may have been coming up in your life in various ways this last year:

Sub-archetypes of Capricorn

The Entrepreneur
The Pessimist/Depressive
The Survivor
The Businessman
The King/Tyrant
The Authoritarian/Governor
The Communist
The Socialist
The Government
The Economist
The Strategist
The Workaholic
The Politician
The Soldier
The Military
The Pragmatist
The Conservative
The Loyalist
The Egotist
The Patriarch

As you can see, these are all very masculine and often driven archetypes that embody many of the qualities I mentioned in the first description of the Capricorn pattern. Capricorn is a masculine energy which relates to how we externalize ourselves via our ego into the larger world through our status, career, and a position of authority. Ideally this is done through a capacity to weather the mundane challenges/struggles of life such that we master ourselves, cultivate integrity, and serve the greater holism of the social fabric into which we are woven. Sadly with the Enron’s of the world and rampant political spell casting and corruption, it’s easy to see how we’ve lost touch with the positive and integral side of the Capricorn pattern. Few in positions of power, or aspiring for them, govern through authority in ways that serve our common humanity and not the special interests of the elite few. Not to mention, most people in the United States would know who Paris Hilton is before they’d know Benazir Bhutto!

Let’s face facts, we’re suffering from an egotism that has us more polarized in either a Republican or Democrat ego instead of investigating what’s best for ALL transcendent of political ideology. In addition, as the US/World Economy crashes and the Earth’s climate changes it’s becoming painfully obvious that we are at a Fate/Destiny point collectively and individually; which means we are in the Dark Night of the Ego together at this time and must therefore tend to our collective soul.

The Universe urges us to finally take an unflinching and honest look at our cultural ego structures and shadow...... Enter in Pluto in Capricorn!

Pluto in Capricorn

The scope of transformation that Pluto’s entry into Capricorn symbolizes is enormous. So much so that I plan on doing more writing about it in the future as other cycles choreograph with it. Many astrologers have been speculating for sometime what this would bring, and here we are now staring its first impulse right in the face through a capitalist economic collapse that brings a fruition of our capitalist shadow.

That said, I find it fascinating that Pluto changes from the sign of Sagittarius into Capricorn that same year we have an unprecedented USA Presidential Election. But hey, like I said, astrology is a mere map of synchronicity mirroring back to us in symbolic language the co-creative processes of life!

Pluto as an archetype relates to power, transformation, and the shadow. Said another way, Pluto seeks to address and transform that which we are unconscious of or deny in ourselves. Pluto/Hades was Lord of the Underworld in Greco-Roman mythology, thus any Pluto transition brings with it a confrontation with our own unconsciousness, whether that be an individual like you or me, or a nation like the United States or Russia.

Every entity has a psyche, and that means an ego and a shadow. Furthermore, that means that as Pluto moved into Capricorn on January 25th, 2008 – it’s like the Universe said to all of us, “Ok folks, it’s now time to address the shadow side of the Capricorn energy you’ve been using to create your societal and individual destinies. Most notably, how have you been living in Capricorn ways that actually violate the supreme spiritual law that All is One?? It’s time to dismantle your shadow Capricorn structures!”

Though I can try to make light of this, there really is nothing light about it (ahh, can you feel the pessimist archetype…Aaagghh!)  Seriously, Pluto transits totally tend to lack a sense of humor as reckoning with the shadow brings irrevocable transformation through the facing of our self-created Fate. And with Pluto’s sojourn through the sign of Capricorn symbolizing a specific type of transformation we can expect a forced reconciliation with the shadow of capitalism, corporate business structures, governments, politicians, and bureaucracies – especially as more earthly resources become limited and this idea of ‘limitless expansion’ on which the United States was founded (with Pluto in Capricorn in its own natal birth chart!) comes to an end.

Now we must urgently adopt a new approach infused with ethics, holistic thinking, and a new model of economy based on renewable resources…..and what do ya know, Jupiter is here to light the way with its transit in Capricorn, acting perhaps as an intuitive guiding grace. But as with all intuitive guidance, are we ready to listen and take action based on its promptings which demand risking change – or will we once again become seduced by the cultural spells we’ve been fed and become vulnerable to because of our fear?

Jupiter in Capricorn
(December 18th, 2007-January 5th, 2009)

Jupiter entered in Capricorn on December 18th, 2007 and will exit into Aquarius on January 5th, 2009. Before we connect the archetype of Jupiter with Capricorn, let’s take a look on how he functions as a force in your and the collective’s psyche.

Jupiter is the planet that represents the function of an internal honor code and intuitive perception in our consciousness. Where as Mercury likes to process and gather data via the mind, Jupiter isn’t concerned about data per se, but with what it means and its broader implications. Jupiter symbolizes the capacity to perceive life as being imbued with meaning and purpose.

Jupiter is also concerned with the expansion of our lives and of what we could ideally be. As Stephen Arroyo mentions in his book “Exploring Jupiter”(1996 CRCS Publications), mythologically and historically, Jupiter has been associated with the king, patriarch, and the chief god in various pantheons.  The gods associated with the astrological planet Jupiter were known as gods of thunder, learning, wisdom, justice, and prophetic vision.

Most notably, Jupiter was the Roman god the Greeks knew as Zeus. Zeus was a benefic god of the heavens, ruling the expansive and limitless space above the earth.  From his view on high, Zeus could see all, which illustrates the capacity of the astrological/archetypal Jupiter to give us intuitive glimpses at the bigger picture from a higher altitude.  Zeus didn’t like limits (especially those imposed on him by his wife Hera when it came to fidelity!), nor does our astrological Jupiter like limits.  Jupiter wants to show us what is possible through a very optimistic perception of life.

After Jupiter entered into Capricorn on December 18th, 2007 a new impulse entered all of our lives at the individual and collective level to begin assessing the foundations of our ambition and what motivates career goals with an eye on the future possibilities for expanding into something that could be a bit more meaningful (Jupiter) and yet pragmatic (Capricorn).

As Jupiter focuses its energy through the archetype of Capricorn, it paradoxically asks us as individuals and collectively to expand, mature, and grow via discipline, responsibility, accountability, boundaries, pragmatism, hard work, and a willingness to forgo immediate gratification.

All planets have a retrograde cycle that incubates an archetypal transformation in our psyche, thus this past summer there was a Jupiter Retrograde in Capricorn which spanned from May 9th-September 7th, 2008.

It was during this time that many of my clients suddenly found that their external circumstances did not support the desired results of expansion in terms of new careers, businesses, ambitions, and goals they had felt possible earlier during the months of January, February and March. In addition many simply got extremely burned out trying to force energy to move in these areas of their lives such that their prior goals became less meaningful, there by causing them to question them.

This review during the retrograde allowed an internal shift to occur such that their inner intuition and wisdom deepened. This allowed them to see that what they thought was so meaningful before the retrograde – whether it was a cherished goal, ideal, career prospect, business venture, relationship, or future vision - perhaps wasn’t germane to their soul’s expansive purpose here on earth. A need to restructure their plans became obvious.

In light of current conditions, I can see what a crucial phase Jupiter’s retrograde was in giving us an opportunity to re-evaluate what has meaning in our life and how we build our morality, goals, and ethics around that. But where are we now and how should we proceed forward?

Jupiter is now moving direct over the degrees of Capricorn he back tracked over this last summer. As we look ahead and envision our future, will we engage life with insights gained during the summer that pertain to the Capricorn structures of personal responsibility, boundaries, government, policy, economy, corporations, and entrepreneurialism?

Or will we continue to hand over our ethical compass, goals, and vision to the morality of those in political, religious, governmental, and socially elite circles built on old school power, ideals, and money?

That said, I think it’s important to note that as it was Jupiter/Zeus that overthrew his tyrannical father Saturn because he kept eating his children (the next generation) as a way of keeping his power as he was told he’d be overthrown by one of his own progeny someday. If we apply this to the way many governments are formulating policies we can see the same pattern at work: “Suppress innovation and vision that would usurp our power at any cost.”

In addition, Jupiter/Zeus was also known as a distributor of mortal justice. From his view on Olympus he could embrace the bigger picture of what humanity was up to, and was happy to send a thunderbolt if someone was violating their soul’s contract with all of life. Therefore, this cycle calls us to overthrow the Senex Patriarchal King that is both internal and external, while assessing the ways in which we develop our sense of morality – and whether that violates the soul.

Morality is a very interesting a tricky subject that likes to change with the times and isn’t always just (something we’ll no doubt be exploring in the upcoming Mercury Retrograde in Libra beginning on September 24th!)

For example, it at one time it was considered morally congruent to have slaves or slaughter Native Americans. Where are we now when it comes to our moral code in this culture? What do we believe is ‘ok’ now that we know in our soul really isn’t ok at all?

This Jupiter cycle (as it connects to the Mercury Retrograde set-up phase we are now in) asks us to address the our current social imbalances with a ‘world-view’ that transcends our own immediate needs through an understanding that no one is free when others are oppressed, no one is rich while others are poor.

Furthermore, can you take that to the voting booth with you? Can you apply this idea to what motivates your ambition in the world? What does your ambition really serve? Why have we collectively grown so arrogant that we think we are entitled to have our cake and eat it too?  For example, why do we think that getting out of our dependency on oil (and foreign oil) should be easy? Why can’t we absorb that we may have to pay more now for a bigger pay off later on that holistically serves the Earth and each other in all areas of change we are facing?

Economy, Politics, and Change

Looking at the state of affairs in the United States many of these themes are plain to see. ‘Change’ has indeed become the slogan now of both campaigns, but it would seem that no one wants to really address that change means…..well CHANGE! lol......

If we are to use this Jupiter in Capricorn intuitive guidance intelligently, then we must realize, as Capricorn likes to remind us, that expansion, prosperity, and ethical harmony (Jupiter) will demand hard work, a brutal honest assessment of the state of our country, independent thinking, patience, sacrifice of immediate gratification, and new approaches to capitalism that honor the limits of our resources (Capricorn).

Many positive visionary options are surfacing now. We are talking about new sources of energy, more fuel-efficient technologies, and renewable approaches to resources. Jupiter now tells us that new business models with ethics and holism must be envisioned, or we cannot thrive and expand. There is now a new urgent need for business healers and change.

Pluto will bring Capricorn change whether we like it or not, and we will face darker days ahead as we delve deeper into our collective ancestral shadow, but Jupiter is here to plant seeds of insight, inspire new ideas, and deliver the blueprints for new economic structures in the optimistic hope that we will heed the bigger picture and plan our strategies and goals accordingly. The stakes are high folks, but will we choose Fate or Destiny?

How this affects you!

I know many clients, myself included, that have really had to have an honest chat with ourselves and ask what is the real point of having career ambition and working hard, what does it serve? In other words, we’re all being called to reform our Capricorn life philosophies so that we can remodel our ideas of success in this life.

Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn asks us to reevaluate all of our ambitions in the world and connect them with the concept of service to the whole – the ultimate expression of Capricorn achievement and duty which requires a more meaningful reason to commit our life force to the goals we pursue.

I’ve seen many people have to look to developing more confidence (Jupiter) and stamina (Capricorn) to pursue the next phase of their Destiny. This includes the development of better boundaries (Capricorn) so that they can expand the possibilities of what they could be meaningfully doing in this life (Jupiter). It also means being willing to face our Fate and call on inner strength to persevere up our mountains. As the old saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day!” Nor is your Destiny.

I’ve also seen a lot of businesses collapse (as have we all with the economy) because they were based on faulty worn out ideas or corrupt ethics which Pluto in Capricorn could not suffer and Jupiter found claustrophobic. And I’m sure there’s more to come, which will absolutely affect us all. But we must not get caught up in the hype and mistake the symptoms for the cause. It’s our shadow that has brought us to this point and needs more interrogation and subsequent integration. To resent and focus on the teacher is to lose the lesson.

How will you vote?

For those of us in the United States we have the task ahead of choosing a new President. I think at this stage most of us can agree in a bi-partisan way that our last President was a President that created more Fate for our country than Destiny. Symbolically and in part I feel that’s because many voted for him out of fear, when Destiny is born out our faith.

Therefore as we move forward make friends with your fear. And as you evaluate the new candidates in front of you, first assess all the political spells and rhetoric that they are both trying to put you under. Then drop your allegiance to any particular political party to see each candidate and ticket for who they really are.

Perhaps then you will be able to see them with your soul. And when you do I have full faith that you’ll choose the person that best represents Destiny to you; The person who will catalyze true change through Presidential Service and Leadership that will help us ALL, not just the elite few.

For when you are in harmony and see with your soul, you realize that there is no separation between you and a black man, lesbian woman, inner city family on welfare, Republican, Democrat, Conservative, Liberal, Evangelical Christian, Buddhist, Catholic, Muslim, Pro-lifer, Pro-choicer, gay couple, straight married couple, Native Americans struggling on reservations, immigrant workers, Soldiers fighting in Iraq, Iraqis dying in the fight -- we are ALL ONE. My deepest prayer is that we’ll finally vote like it and consciously work with the inevitable changes ahead that the planets are symbolically pointing us toward.

Wow, these are intense times, and if this email has triggered/angered you in some way – stay with it. Something in your shadow is asking to dialogue with you.

I wish you much peace, strength, clarity, and love. Email me to share your thoughts. Until next time…


Robert Ohotto

PS – I’ll be back soon with some insights about the upcoming Mercury Retrograde which begins on September 24th! Stay tuned.....!

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