Transforming Archetypal Fate into Destiny Online Seminar August 20th, 7pm EDT

Hey Everyone!

I hope that everyone has made it through the lunar and solar eclipses we’ve just had! It’s been an intense couple of weeks for most folks, myself included. It certainly has been a time to go deeper into the places within as the Universe calls us to enact a purge of that which keeps our unique light from shining as brightly as it can. As the last eclipses of the moon were in Leo and Aquarius we’ve been asked to address our inner childhood fears and be willing to be seen in all our soul’s glory (Leo) so that we can engage our Destiny and take the place of service Divinely designed for us within the collective of humanity (Aquarius).

This is serious business to be sure, as the Universe plays for keeps when it comes to your life’s purpose.

That said, I hope you can join me this Wednesday, August 20th at 7pm Eastern and 4pm Pacific Daylight Savings Time for a jam packed (and I do mean JAM PACKED!) on-line two hour seminar that I’ve put together with I’m very excited about this new medium of doing seminars online. I think it’s brilliant and will allow me as a teacher to reach more of you.

In this particular online seminar I’m going to be introducing brand new material that deals with the current transitions we are experiencing at a personal and yet simultaneously global level; while weaving in what I believe will in part be the subject of my next book—Archetypal Fate and how to transform that into Destiny.

Here’s a highlight of what I’ll be covering:

  • How to Decode Your Unique Soul Code
  • Ego and the Cross of Incarnation
  • Anatomy of Your Psyche
  • Archetypes and Perceiving Symbolically
  • Astrology and our Ancestors
  • Astrological Ages and Archetypal Fate
  • Intuition and Identifying Your Personal Archetypes of Destiny
  • Exercise in Meeting an Archetype
  • Looking at Current Sociocultural Dynamics of Personal Empowerment and Development
  • Archetypes I’ll Cover and Their Themes:
    The Child (Abandonment, The Orphan, and Self-Parenting)
    The Victim (Fair/Unfair-Denial of Fate)
    The Prostitute/Virgin (Survival, Servitude and Service)
    The Mystic/Addict (Merging with the Divine)
    The Wounded Healer (Shamanic Initiation and Self Development)
    The Seeker/Philosopher (Discovery of Truth)
    The Hero/Heroine (Ego Development and the Mortal Hero)
    The Father (Fathering the Self - Authority)
    The Mother (Mothering the Self - Nurturance)
    The Messiah (Saving Self and Others)
    The Guru (Projection of One’s Wisdom)
    The Teacher/Student (Accessing the Inner Guide)
    The Starving Artist (Creativity and Abundance)
    The Rescuer/Caretaker (Chasing Wounds for Validation)
    The Networker (How do you connect with the World?)
    The Narcissist/Vampire (Can You ‘See’ Yourself?)
    The King/Queen (Standing in One’s Sovereignty)
    The Perfectionist (Worth Unrealized)

I felt compelled to do this workshop for many reasons, but mainly because like many of you I have spent my entire life passionately asking the question, “What’s my purpose?” And out of that quest have learned many ways of arriving at insights and clues to the answer. Most notably, I have realized that the answers are most often born out of understanding the mythic or archetypal pattern that I am symbolically living out in my life. After all, as Joseph Campbell taught, Destiny is the Hero/Heroine’s Journey! And though we all have a heroic journey we are living, we each do so in a specific way that our soul has agreed to before we were born. This is part of your Soul’s agreement with Destiny on this Earth and discovering its terms is essential to consciously engaging with your purpose. But how do we do this?

Reading this contract requires seeing your life through a detached perspective and symbolic eyes: Archetypal Eyes! It’s only from this place that you can perceive the patterns, cycles, and forces which are directing the course of your life within the ‘bigger picture’ and pointing toward purpose.

Thus, in part, living your Destiny means you must be willing to decode the symbolism of your life, step into your mystery, and then risk discovering the unknown parts of yourself that want to become creative allies in your life. It would seem to me we all could use a few more creative allies in our lives at this time, no? I do hope you can join me and meet your Archetypes of Destiny. When we change our own Archetypal Fate into Destiny, we change the world. To sign up for this groundbreaking online seminar click on the banner below. See you Wednesday, don’t be late!

Discover Your Authentic Self: Meet Your Archetypes of Destiny

www.colettebaronreid.comRobert welcomes special guest Colette Baron-Reid to his radio show on Wednesday!

Also, I’ll be live on my Radio Show this Wednesday at 1pm EDT, 10am PDT with my first guest: renowned intuitive-medium Colette Baron-Reid. We’ll be talking about her latest book, “Messages From Spirit” which is a must read. Colette is an amazing intuitive, medium, and recording artist! I got to experience her this summer during her workshop at Celebrate Your Life was literally blown away.  I left her workshop in a puddle of tears. She has this amazing ability to ‘part the veil’ and connect people to the world of spirit like a true shaman.

I am very excited to have her on my show and we’ll both be doing readings together. Be sure to tune in live or listen to the show at your convenience up to a week for free in the ‘archived’ section on! This is a show not to be missed, truly.

After Wednesday I am taking a much needed vacation. I love all of you and hope that you are finding your lives more balanced, content, and safe.

Messages from SpiritI’ll be back in the beginning of September with my next installment…on an astrological cycle that’s about to shift; stay tuned.

As always, please feel free to write me at I also hope to see some more of you in South Dakota at my weekend intensive in November, it’s almost full so don’t wait too much longer if you’re thinking of coming!


Robert Ohotto


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