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For those of you, who are new, welcome to my newsletter. As a set up to an upcoming article series I am planning for July and August on two important planetary cycles that deal with capitalism, consumerism, environmentalism, and our economic structures I wanted to send out something that I feel is important regarding the Law of Attraction (which is all the rage these days don’t cha know!) I also wanted to announce the details regarding the weekend intensive I am doing with my Ananke-Apollo Institute this November 6th-9th.

That said, what follows is some information about my weekend intensive with links to more if you’re interested in coming, and an excerpt from my book Transforming Fate into Destiny to set us up for my next two articles. I hope it all speaks to you in a useful way. For everyone going to the ‘I Can Do It’ in Las Vegas this weekend, see you soon!

Intro to Soul Destinies –
An Intensive Discovery of Your Purpose with Robert Ohotto and Intuitive-Archetypal Astrology

November 6th-November 9th, 2008

Intro to Soul DestiniesI am very pleased to finally announce that the Ananke-Apollo Institute’s first intensive weekend class is to be held in the sacred and beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota. I have spent much time in South Dakota over the years and consider the Black Hills one of the very few areas of the world where the sacred, mythic, and archetypal meet and can be felt through the energy of the land and spirit of the environment.

Thus there is perhaps no other place more ideal than a beautiful lodge nestled within a canyon deep in the Black Hills for me to help you discover the agreements your soul made with Fate and Destiny. And begin training you in the art and science of Intuitive-Archetypal Astrology.

Please come join me for a weekend of sacred revelation, insight, and healing. Prices listed on my website are all inclusive – all you have to do is get there! This workshop is open to everyone, but space is limited as are accommodation preferences. Please enroll early to secure your ideal spot!

Class Description

Prior to your birth, you forged an agreement with the Universe that shapes the unfolding of your earthly life’s purpose, functioning as a contract to co-create within this time and space dimension. This Cosmic Contract includes the selection of a unique creative destiny, archetypal patterns to be used as creative allies, and being born at a specific time and place on this planet. This effectively weaves your soul into the creative matrix of the Earth’s consciousness, cycles, timing, and laws.

To fulfill your creative task, your soul’s agreement with Fate requires that you discover within yourself the unique inner design etched on your soul before your birth, as well as the creative patterns that manage reality on this planet – both of which support and define the trajectory of your purpose. It is only then that you can begin to manifest the unique grace that you came here to deliver to the world through your Destiny.

We are standing at a threshold of immense challenge and change, both as an individuals and as a collective, making the fulfillment of our Soul Destinies all the more urgent. Yet, our capacity to change our lives and live authentically within this world, honoring our unique calling, is proportionate to our ability to perceive our lives as symbolic, mythic, and archetypal journeys.

Through this weekend intensive introduction to Soul Destinies and Intuitive-Archetypal Astrology you’ll discover what it means to perceive your purpose with new coordinates of soul. Using your personal astrological birth chart, we’ll unveil your soul’s agreements as I introduce you to your own personal archetypes of Destiny, while teaching you how to perceive the larger cosmic archetypal cycles which also direct your purpose. You’ll also learn how to access your own intuition by understanding the anatomy of your psyche. Only then can you perceive beyond the purpose your ego would like to live out and glimpse at your soul’s true creative task.

Material covered during this weekend intensive includes:

  • The incarnation process of the soul and agreements made prior to birth
  • Defining and differentiating Fate from Destiny
  • Identifying three different types of Fate
  • Anatomy of the psyche – identifying Ego, Soul, and your Shadow
  • Why must we go through the Shadow to get to the Light?
  • Discovering your soul’s schedule of purpose
  • How to align with the soul’s emerging needs with cycles of ego development
  • What are Archetypes?
  • Identifying Archetypes of Ego Development
  • Identifying Archetypes of the Soul
  • Our current social-cultural dominant archetypal patterns
  • How to transition from the servitude in your life to service
  • Discovering your core archetype of Destiny
  • How to perceive and use your life’s synchronicities
  • Understanding the four primary ways we incarnate into life through our ego
  • Are you in the right career or vocation?
  • Negotiating The Dark Night of the Ego (change, transition, and the in-between)
  • Developing your intuitive abilities
  • Understanding the Shamanic Initiation as part of individuation
  • How to integrate archetypal conflict within the psyche
  • Understanding and identifying your Family Fate as psychic DNA
  • What are your socio-cultural generational archetypal patterns, what are their Fate and Destiny for your life?
  • Introduction to Intuitive-Archetypal Astrology
    -History of Astrology
    -Different Types of Astrology
    -Transitioning from the Astrological Age of Pisces to Aquarius
    -Intuition, Archetypes, and Astrology
    -Greek/Roman Mythology, alive and well today?
    -Four Elements of Astrology as functions of consciousness and perception
    -The Archetypes and Sub-archetypes of the 12 zodiac signs
    -The Twelve Houses as developmental stages of human potential and authenticity
    -The Planets as Archetypal Forces of the Psyche
    -Astrology as a map of synchronicity
    -Intro on how to chart and use planetary cycles
    -How you can best use intuitive-archetypal astrology

And there will surely be more! This weekend intensive is an ideal stand alone intensive for anyone who wants to better understand their life’s purpose. In addition, learning about the matrix of archetypal energies and cycles that our lives are woven into will be a useful aid for all professions and walks of life, as well as a primer for those who may want to pursue my certification program through the Ananke-Apollo Institute as Intuitive-Archetypal Astrologers.

All participants will receive a copy of their astrological birth chart as part of a workshop booklet full of useful diagrams and information that will support the material. As an additional teaching aid, throughout the weekend I will be doing live intuitive-astrological reading using participant’s birth charts.


If you are traveling via air, the nearest airport is in Rapid City, South Dakota. United, Delta, and Northwest Airlines all serve the Rapid City Regional Airport.

The workshop will take place in wonderful lodge located in a canyon near Spearfish, South Dakota – about a 45 minute drive from the airport.

Early registration is encouraged and listed fees found on are all inclusive of transportation from Rapid City Regional Airport to and from event, lodging, meals, and course tuition.

Learn more and register! >

Fate, Destiny and the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is a universal principle that posits: Like energy attracts like energy in this universe. And as we’re all essentially energetic beings, your personal vibratory frequency (which is a by-product of what you do, focus on, believe, and think about) will attract to you people, situations, events, and opportunities that are a match.

      In one of their books presenting the teachings of Abraham, The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent, Esther and Jerry Hicks say this about the Law of Attraction:

      In the same way that the law of gravity consistently responds to all of the physical matter of your planet, the Law of Attraction consistently responds to all vibrations. Every projection of thought, whether you are focused into the past, present, or future, is vibration and has attraction power. Each thought offers a signal, similar to a radio signal, that the Law of Attraction recognizes and matches. This powerful, consistent Law of Attraction (that which is like unto itself is drawn) offers consistent results in response to the vibrations that you offer.

      The Law of Attraction is about consciously aligning ourselves vibrationally to thoughts and intentions that carry frequencies that hold the most affirming creative potential in any circumstance. To use the Law of Attraction, we must learn to manage our thoughts, engaging the imagination, and master our perception of reality. Essentially we learn that what we focus on is empowered and animated, attracting to us a quality of energy and informing how we experience events.

      The power of this principle can’t be denied. How many times do you wake up in a bad mood that you can’t shake off? The next thing you know, your day just keeps getting worse as you draw to yourself one accident and frustrating scenario after another! And how many times do you wake up with a smile on your face only to be greeted by the smiles of others and positive happenstance at each turn of the day?

      That said, because I’ve noticed that we must embrace this law in a more mature way, I must stress something crucial here about this phenomenon as it relates to your agreement with Fate. The Law of Attraction can only be effective, both in positive and negative ways, within certain boundaries of your agreements with Fate and Destiny. Therefore it has limits of operation within your life’s purpose, and can only transform Fate into Destiny when it’s connected to the intentions of your soul and the Divine.

      In other words, the Law of Attraction is a creative power of the soul and simply can’t be used to acquire what the ego wants if the soul isn’t on board, for better or worse. Positively, however, the law can only magnetize the greatest potential that your life was designed to hold according to your purpose. It brings to you no more than what can be contained within the fated limits put in place to support your Destiny.

      That said, I hope you can begin to grasp the enormous importance of dialoguing with your soul to ascertain the blueprint, plan, and Fate this part of you agreed to as a Divinely designed boundary—within which the Law of Attraction can magnetize your Destiny.

      For example, many people in workshops have approached me and said, “Robert, I’m using the Law of Attraction, and still I can’t seem to get what I [ego]want. What am I doing wrong? Am I ‘counter-intending’ what I’m trying to manifest?”

      I’ve often given them a quick intuitive once-over and have had to disclose that they’re pursuing the manifestation of something that wasn’t intended for them in this lifetime. Rather, their ego, often driven by a cultural spell, wants something the soul isn’t committed to—and if the soul isn’t on board, the Law of Attraction can’t blow wind into their sails and move the boat of their lives forward toward the next shore.

      In addition, I’ve also been asked, “If I can’t stop focusing on my desire to see harm come to someone I’m angry with, will that attract disaster to them or to me?”

      To which I’ve often replied, “You’re not quite so powerful that you can change the course of someone’s life negatively simply because you’re mad at them, and your Cosmic Contract demands otherwise.” Can we send funky negative vibes—or constructive positive ones—to others, and does that have an effect on them? Absolutely! But luckily there are certain fated safeguards that protect us when it comes to how we can use the Law of Attraction to achieve what seem to be positive and negative ends. We must leave the major interventions up to God and the power of prayer.

Western Capitalism and Misinterpreting Abundance
To grasp how we can truly use this wonderful universal law of creation, we must make a much-needed cultural assessment of how we’re interpreting it through our Western mind-set. Many spiritual teachers and motivational speakers today stress the importance of using this principle through positive thinking, visualization, and affirmations to manifest abundance. Unfortunately, though, I’ve noticed that quite often the focus is on attracting more stuff. Consequently, many people begin visualizing financial wealth, new cars, homes, soul mates, and the healing of illnesses (often believed to be exclusively the result of negatively mismanaging their thoughts). To be sure, what we focus on is expanded, and certain disorders can be aided (and often healed) by positivism.

      But what about the illness that’s a necessity for the soul’s awakening? What about the creative depression that must be experienced as an initiation into the unlived life inside of us? What about the financial straits that must be endured in order to squeeze choice out of our lives, not allowing us to choose out of the ego’s pride—ensuring that the soul’s journey is kept on course?

      Can the Law of Attraction take away these necessary situations intended to grow our soul? Does visualizing and acting as if these situations of necessity have been transformed always objectively change them? Does simply deciding to see them differently make them go away? No. Sometimes they’re there for a very important reason (per our Fate) that’s integral to our Destiny and must be accepted as such. But we can decide to see them as part of a greater purpose and not lose our power to them.

      There’s a difference between the denial of reality—such as having $100 in your bank account, although you keep visualizing $1 million and acting as if it’s there, while nothing changes—and reorienting toward events and experiences as affirming and meaningful. The latter allows you to empower yourself to co-create reality through your inner response to them.

      In other words, although you may want $1 million, maybe you’re simply not meantto have it in this lifetime—but you can still see your life as abundant, regardless of your outer wealth. Choosing to see every situation as being infused with meaning, guidance, and grace is how the Law of Attraction is really meant to be applied. This means that the best way to access this fantastic principle is through an attitude of gratitude. In this way, the law is always effective in activating the highest potential of your life and will bring the greatest abundance it’s designed to hold. Yet this prosperity means nothing if it’s not transformed into service that gives back to humanity.

      The Law of Attraction is more about our mental focus as it relates to the management of our personal power and less about getting more stuff. Furthermore, sometimes difficult things happen to us for reasons that have nothing to do with “thinking negative thoughts.” Nonetheless, we do get to decide if we want to focus on the positive or negative of each situation, which will either empower or disempower us accordingly.

      Because using the Law of Attraction means that we become responsible for the ways we choose to see events, it’s one of the most powerful tools we have in transforming Fate into Destiny. It can be used to energize the gifts inherent within our Fate, based on what we choose to focus on—making each challenge an opportunity to bring forth the best of who we are and can be. Let me share with you another client story in which the Law of Attraction became a key in transforming Fate into Destiny, but also showed its limitations.

Amanda, Steven, and Blake: Attracting What’s Real
      Many years ago, Amanda contacted me for a reading when she was six months pregnant. She’d recently found out that her soon-to-be-born son, Blake, had Down Syndrome. This would most likely result in birth defects that would require numerous surgeries, as well as possible mental retardation and cognitive issues. I’ll never forget this reading, as I felt overwhelmed by a powerful presence around me before the session.

      A longtime student of metaphysics, Amanda had been a practitioner of the Law of Attraction for many years and was quite devout. She claimed that her use of this principle had brought her many wonderful things, including her husband, her house, the job of her dreams, and three other beautiful children. Yet with the news of her unborn son’s condition, her law-of-attraction bubble had burst and her reality was in crisis. She told me that she couldn’t imagine how she could have attracted this situation to herself.

      As I read Amanda, I knew that the strong presence I felt around me was Blake’s soul. I sensed that he’d chosen the Fate of Down Syndrome to teach others what was real. I knew that this couldn’t be changed and that he’d come to open his mother’s heart to the suffering of others—something she was out of touch with in her blessed life. In fact, she told me that she actually felt the need to block out the pain of other people so that it wouldn’t contaminate her energy and positive focus!

      Nonetheless, Blake had the energy of a master teacher and had a Cosmic Contract of teaching his parents and others the power of compassion. In fact, his energy was so strongly present during the session that I felt as if my heart would burst as I fought back tears, choking up while I communicated to Amanda what I was intuiting about her son. I was blown away by the caring and power of his soul to take on such a difficult contract and felt humbled in his presence.

      Unfortunately, Amanda didn’t take my news too well because it didn’t fit into her law-of-attraction ideology. In fact, she told me that she was going to keep visualizing Blake as being born free of birth defects and completely healthy. As we ended the session, I left her with a prayer and said good-bye to Blake’s soul. I thought I’d never hear from her again.

      Then almost two years later, Amanda contacted me for a reading for both her and her husband, Steven. As I’d previously sensed, although Blake seemed to be cognitively okay, he was indeed born with various physical problems and had already undergone numerous surgeries. Amanda told me that she felt like a failure because she was unable to manifest a healthy body for Blake using the Law of Attraction and visualization. She and her husband had recently separated, and he was also having trouble dealing with Blake’s condition, but for other reasons.

      I sensed that Steven was running from the situation because his son mirrored back to him his own wounds from childhood. As I read him, I kept getting the impression that he grew up feeling “deformed” himself. Steven later let me know that he grew up with a father who was very verbally abusive and critical, and that he never felt good enough. He said that he always felt like “damaged goods,” and now he had a son who mirrored back his own deep wounds.

      As the reading progressed, I could tell that Amanda still hadn’t accepted the limitations in front of her. She’d internalized a sense of guilt, as if she’d failed her son because she couldn’t use the Law of Attraction to get what her ego wanted. I also realized that Steven hadn’t made the symbolic connection about why Blake had come into his life—as a way to heal his own inner sense of deformity. He couldn’t love his son as is because he couldn’t love himself. Neither of them was on board with their souls’ contracts or the little boy’s soul agenda.

      I finally said to them, “Both of you have contracts with your son to grow into a more mature understanding of life. Blake is a powerful soul who, through his love for you both, chose the Fate of a deformed body to teach you something very important about the nature of the soul and life. If you keep fighting this contract, you’ll never be able to reengage with the Law of Attraction positively again. Why don’t you both make a list of the positives that Blake has brought into your lives—just as he is—and see how that works for you?”

      They were speechless, but I’d finally gotten through to them, and they agreed to give it a shot. And let me tell you, the Law of Attraction kicked some ass! Within three months, Amanda contacted me and said that their family life had done a complete turnaround since that session and she finally got it. She understood that there was a Divine design at work and that Blake’s condition was indeed a gift. She said, “Robert, each day I find more miracles and hidden blessings within this situation. I look at Blake and all I see is beauty, just as he is. I realize now how dogmatic I’d become about the Law of Attraction—so much so that I forgot that it’s really just about gratitude for being alive.”

      Steven and Amanda were living together again and their marriage had never been better. Amanda told me that her husband was healing his childhood wounds through counseling. Around Christmas that year, I received a card with a picture of Steve, Amanda, their three other children, and Blake right in the center of the photo. He sparkled like a star.

      After witnessing Amanda and Steve transform Blake’s Fate into Destiny using the Law of Attraction, I realized that this principle is one of the most powerful tools we can use in transforming our Fate into Destiny. But first we must be willing to look our Fate in the eyes and greet it! When we do so, then we can energize the gifts inherent (the Destiny) within our Fate. And although we may want a limitless life regarding our desire for earthly things—whether it’s financial wealth, a new house, a new car, to be married, or a healthy baby, in my experience it’s best to first ask the soul/the Divine what’s possible with our life’s design. Surely you’ve heard of the saying, “Want to know how to make God laugh? Tell Him your plans!”

      Don’t get me wrong—I’m all for going after the best life you can have on all levels, including earthly abundance. (Bring it on—you know what I’m sayin’?) But when we try to be, have, or create something that our soul isn’t in harmony with, we then fate ourselves to the exact opposite: an unfulfilled life, a path of suffering.

      The Law of Attraction is intended to enhance your purpose and the soul’s Cosmic Contact, not negate it. I must admit that it’s quite tempting to adopt this law as yet another defense against our necessary, purposeful limits and mortal suffering; but to do so is not only ineffective, it does a great disservice to our capacity for compassion for one another and our humanity.

The above excerpt is taken from chapter 5 of Transforming Fate into Destiny (Hay House, March 2008)by Robert Ohotto.

That’s it for now. I’ll be back in touch in a few weeks!  Enjoy your summer and continue to love life as it is. : ) Hope to see you in South Dakota this fall!

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