Our Cycles of Fate and Destiny - Mercury Retrograde

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Hey Everyone! It seems like it has been a while since I connected with all of you. This will no doubt be a jam packed newsletter. First I'd like to tell you some of my latest news. Beginning next month I will have my very own radio show with Hay House, called Dialogue with Destiny! I will be live on the air every other Wednesday starting June 11th on www.HayHouseRadio.com. Each show will have a theme/subject of focus, whether that is an astrological cycle kicking our butts-ahem, I mean empowering us-or a current event. If you are unable to tune in via your computer during the broadcast, you can either catch a rebroadcast later or download the show from www.HayHouseRadio.com. If you happen to be listening live, please call in!-you might get a free intuitive-astrological reading on the air as part of that day's theme. I will certainly follow up with more info very soon on my website.
Secondly, for those of you who are feeling very last minute and adventurous, I will be at 'Celebrate Your Life' here in Chicago May 30th-June 2nd (I'll be doing a workshop on both May 31st and June 1st, and then an all day intensive on June 2nd). If you can make it, come! There is more information please click here.
Discovering Your Cosmic Contract
For those of you who are not so last minute and perhaps in the Chicago land area, I will be doing all-day intensive workshop in the Chicago land area (Highland Park) with The Infinity Foundation called Discovering Your Cosmic Contract on Saturday, June 14, Time 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM, lunch on your own. The cost is $85/75 payment 10 days advance. For further information and to sign up for this course please visit www.infinityfoundation.org.
Contest Winners
In the next newsletter we'll be announcing the winners of our newsletter contest! I have decided that every quarter Ohotto.com will give away something, whether that's a free reading with me or book I like. Stay tuned!
Ananke-Apollo Institute's
First All Weekend Intensive November 6th-9th!

And lastly, The Ananke-Apollo Institute (my institute, in case you didn't know...lol) will have its first all weekend intensive through which you can discover your Cosmic Contract via an introductory workshop on intuitive-archetypal astrology! I am very excited about this and can't wait to tell you all about it. This will be taking place in a fantastic location I've just confirmed for November 6th-9th. More information forthcoming in the next newsletter!
Ok, enough news for now - but speaking of intuitive-archetypal astrology, what do you say we take a peek at the heavens and see how 'as above, so below' is treating us these days!
Our Cycles of Fate and Destiny-
Astrological Guidance for the Modern Mystic

We stand at a crossroads of development in our consciousness; you can feel it, right? Many of us who seek to understand ourselves via the pursuits of spirituality and self-development are discovering that living a mystical life is not what we were initially taught it was. The old notion that that mysticism is about obliterating the ego and living a monastic life or taking pilgrimages to spiritual lands under the tutelage of a guru is beginning to fade as the mystic archetype inpiduates into a new expression. Now to embody The Mystic demands that we build a healthy (albeit flexible) ego fused with our soul, stay in the busyness of the world, and with an internalized Zen space, enter the war zones of life and not the stillness of a temple.

After all, what is the point of recognizing oneness with others if you don't do something proactive to honor that awareness in the world? And make no mistake, we do indeed live in exciting and yet perilous times, do we not? Our world has changed and is changing in unprecedented ways in contrast with our recorded history, and within such changes are contained our soul's agreements with Fate and Destiny. These agreements now asks us to look toward different coordinates and maps of reality for guidance, and that means our old intuitive tools (or at least the ways in which we used and understood them) may not suffice as aides in surveying the landscape of our new emerging consciousness as Modern Mystics.

As the saying goes, if you can't find it, found it-and with that said I'd like to introduce you to a new addition that will show up in various newsletters that I am calling Our Cycles of Fate and Destiny-Astrological Guidance for the Modern Mystic. For those of you who've read my book Transforming Fate into Destiny, you know that it's not an astrology book at all. Rather it's a book based on my intuitive work with astrology in which I address two aspects of our soul's agreement with Fate (our Mortal Fate and Self-Fate) and how we can transform both into Destiny. Yet there is another aspect of our soul's agreement with Fate and Destiny that I wasn't able to touch on through the book: Our contract with Archetypal Fate and Destiny.

Archetypal Fate encompasses the psychic patterns you were born into within your culture, society, and family-as well as the inner dynamic energies/archetypes that your soul brought innately into the world as co-creative allies per your path of purpose.

To understand this better, imagine that before you were born your soul was designing a lifetime here on Earth. Your Spiritual Guides inform you that you are about to fuse your soul's energy with patterns that are already creating reality here on this planet that you will be fated to. Patterns that manifest via cycles like clock work onto a timeline in the mundane world as they co-create reality on Earth.

Luckily, our ancestors felt a need to dialogue with Destiny somehow and began looking up at the sky as they sorted out these patterns by projecting them out onto the planets and stars via myths and gods so they could be connected to mundane life via synchronicity. From which was born the idea of "As above, so below--As within, so without--As the Universe, So the soul." And the legacy of astrology as a map of our Archetypal Fate per our own birth chart and the astronomical cycles of the planets came to be.
Thus, these astronomical cycles are also called astrological cycles. Furthermore, I believe that deep down we know that we have a Destiny to live out within these patterns. I like to think of them as movements of energy within our inpidual and collective psyches that manifest in all aspects of our lives. Through astrological cycles we are shown the immutable and fated archetypal laws of creation in this time and space we call Earth School that were intuited by our ancestors.

Why are they fated you ask? Because we can't change the orbits of the planets and their timing anymore than we can change the timing of the inner movement of our soul as it expresses outward via synchronicity through the archetypal patterns which the planets and constellations symbolize. This is our Archetypal Fate. And our Destiny asks us to use the powers of our soul-intuition, compassion, and grace-to create within and through these fated archetypal energies what will affirm our connection with the cosmic life force and each other.

That said, I humbly offer all of you Modern Mystics out there some key astrological guidance for a very urgent astrological cycle we're now in: Mercury Retrograde in Gemini......AGHH! LOL!
Mercury Retrograde in Gemini
(May 26th-June 19th, 2008)
To summarize briefly what a Mercury retrograde cycle is:  When looking in the sky at the planet Mercury we usually perceive it as moving in a forward motion through the heavens, this is called "Mercury direct"...then every 4 months or so, it appears to go backwards in the sky due to our earthly orbit operating in tandem with Mercury's orbit around the Sun.  This apparent backward motion - and I say "apparent" because it's not really going backwards - lasts for about 22 days.  When Mercury is direct we are engaging with life in a very forward way and not overanalyzing actions. Making decisions seems to be in greater harmony with the forward movement we want to take on our path in Life.  Yet we are also more driven by the personality and ego during such times, and tend to not allow for too much reflection and introspection generally speaking.  All the while we are forging forward; the Universe is giving us guidance via intuitive data that we tend to miss because of our busy minds trying to run the show. In an effort to keep the Tao of the Universe in balance, we are given a three week opportunity to reflect and re-evaluate our choices and direction, allowing for a more informed wisdom to emerge while we slow up a bit and redirect our life - this is the Mercury retrograde period.  When we resist - via our ego - this introspective time, then Mercury as a messenger, shows up in the "Trickster" form that everyone is all too familiar with.  This is the phenomena that you always hear about; electronics breaking down, accidents, miscommunication, thwarted plans, etc.  These are all agencies through which the Universe operates so that you'll slow down and pay attention to the message the Gods have for you!

And here we are again, the Gods are delivering a message both collectively and personally to us that we have needed to hear as a reminder of just what our 'Cosmic Contract" is, and Mercury the herald to the Gods is ready to deliver a Geminian message for us, but are we ready to listen??  The "set up" phase of this Mercury retrograde began on May 11th.  This is because on May 11th, Mercury entered into the degrees of Gemini that it will eventually retrograde over again while it backtracks for 3 weeks.  Take a moment and think about what's been surfacing in your life the past few weeks; as you read the rest of the article see if you can identify the issues that are coming up for further integration which resonate with Gemini archetypes.  Remember, all astrological cycles are maps of synchronicity, so what happens outside is but a mirror of our inner life and the soul's agenda.

That said, if you can learn to understand the inherent function of a planetary astrological cycle, you can use that energy in a more consciously empowered manner, and bring your timing/efforts more in line with Universal Will; which means more in line with your deeper Self.

As a function of consciousness, Mercury represents our thinking and communicative processes, the ways we access and use information, make decisions, pay attention to details, and express ourselves. Perhaps most importantly, Mercury also symbolizes the way we perceive reality via the mind. Much of this gets reexamined during a Mercury Retrograde cycle via the astrological sign's themes it's retrograde in (Gemini this time). We are asked to retreat within and reevaluate what serves our life with regards to this Mercurial function of consciousness, and what needs to be upgraded, refined, and/or let go of in the ways that we think about things.

Thus May 26th-June 19th becomes a time for our inner wisdom to come forth and guide us to re-organize, rethink, reevaluate, redo, and reboot. This is part of the organic, natural flow of life. Our culture, however, made up of schedules and deadlines, doesn't often accommodate a cycle of introspective reflection and re-evaluation. However, it was really around May 11th that signals from the environment would have begun alerting you towards inner and outer situations that are in need of some reflection and reevaluation - which for this retrograde will be connected to the archetype of Gemini.

Gemini is a mutable air sign in astrology, meaning that it relates to the being flexible with the way we think about things. The Gemini path is about being open and curious in our approach to life, always willing to learn-while organizing our thoughts by labeling the things we encounter such that we create reference points for our mind. Yet, staying open to learning as a life path requires being able to adapt to a continual flood of new information and ideas while re-evaluating the old. Do old ideas no longer make sense in light of the new discoveries? Think of a tree. At first it starts out as a seed, and you think of it as a seed. But after it's planted in the ground it sprouts into a seedling, so now it's a seedling. Before long it grows into a tree, but then one day it flowers and grows apples - now you know it's an apple tree. What if you rejected that and kept calling it a seed!  How many of us do that with our own identity?!

To embody a more flexible view of the world necessitates that the Gemini path be interactive with life in a social, communicative, and knowledgeable way. But even these qualities can become distracting if we use them as ways to avoid the depths of our soul that Mercury (the ruler of Gemini) is adept at exploring. Gemini then manifests in a shadow form as a defense against committing to a path and using the power of mental communion with others in an affirming way. That's when archetypes like The Gossip,The Liar, The Dilettante, and Spell Caster start to show up. But what is at the root of such archetypes?

The foundational archetype of the constellation of Gemini is symbolized by The Twins. The mythological motif of The Twins shows up in almost all world mythologies as a form of polarity/duality. Each twin is either good-evil, ugly-pretty, mortal-immortal, male-female, superficial-deep, noble-deceitful, etc. Thus at the heart of Gemini as an archetype are found the ways in which we think (it is an air sign after all) about the inherent duality in ourselves. Most people on this planet do not see duality as complimentary; rather they edify their ego by picking the side that most positively supports their self-concept; and doing so unconsciously energizes the other polarity in them. This other half then gets repressed into their shadow where it is quite often disowned and projected onto another person or entity.

One sees this most obviously in our current patriarchal models of relationship, i.e marriage. In the 'marriage model' of relationship each partner seeks to marry the other half of their psyche rather than integrate it into the whole of themselves. Men split from their inner feminine because to embrace it 'emasculates' them, and thus project it onto women (unless your gay, which in a whole other dynamic). And women in turn are socialized to project their masculinity onto men and reclaim it through marriage. So when someone says, "Where is your other half?" --they really aren't kidding!

The reality is that we all do this in some way in various areas of our life. We each side with a polarity that splits us off from our holism because of how we have been taught to think about reality. And this is exactly what this current Mercury Retrograde in Gemini is giving us pause to investigate, where in your life are you polarized?  Where do you lack the capacity to embrace duality as complimentary because how you think about things? Can you embrace your own ambiguity? The following quote by Deepak Chopra eloquently illuminates the cost of splitting ourselves in two:

Being desirable means being comfortable with your own ambiguity.The most ambiguous reality is that we are flesh and spirit at the same time.

Within everyone there is light and shadow, good and evil, love and hate.

In order to be truthful, you must embrace your total being.

A person who exhibits both positive and negative qualities, strengths and weaknesses is not flawed, but complete.

When we get fixed into our labels and cling to them for identity we block the urges of the soul to honor that God is ALL, and we are far more dynamic than any label can ever encompass. How many of us fall prey to the notion that God is only 'good'. Really, is God only good? If the pine is ALL then we can't just say God is only good because then God is no longer ALL; clearly we have a lot of bad in our world, no? Can we embrace the negative, the evil, in life with compassion as a creative part of the Universe (and in most cases as a by-product of what we have collectively created)? Can we embrace our own darkness and remember that which unifies duality is love (and I'm not talking about Hallmark love, but a love that can't even be languaged!)?

This retrograde helps us remember that we must move beyond our labels and definitions of our ever evolving essence in this life, and give others the permission to do the same. Otherwise we become hostage to our own thinking about ourselves and others and push out the soul, the love in our lives. Look at your life and see where this applies the most. I know that I label others and myself out of my deepest insecurities (which I've certainly gotten a chance to look at lately!) We must remember that the delight and disdain we find in another person is only a reflection of what we have suddenly seen in ourselves. Mmmm, that's a clarifying truth, isn't it?

Thus this retrograde brings a deep surrender and review regarding these themes in our lives. We are asked by Mercury to receive a new message from our soul regarding our life's purpose-a message about the duality in our lives. To hear it we must reassess our responsibility of loving all of who we are, even if we don't like it. In spite of how this world tells us we must define ourselves via labels and choose sides, we can indeed choose the middle path of love and then intend toward the light.

When the retrograde began on May 26th, the abdication of our will/ego to the soul may have been quite a struggle, and this struggle usually lasts for the first 11 days of the cycle. Personally, I got my ass kicked on the 27th! Usually by the 12th day we are usually so frustrated and embattled that we give up and the conscious ego is forced to release its hold over our unconscious. This coincides with what is called the mid-point of the retrograde cycle (when the Sun joins Mercury in the sky which occurs on June 7th) Up until June 7th it will be best to work on your mental agility and be flexible with your plans.

And though I've noticed many clients being confronted with the ways they have calcified into labels about themselves or others; this has most come about by witnessing how powerful words can be when it comes to triggering someone's shadow and unresolved issues. Especially when it comes to people who were brought up in family systems where someone had to be 'right' to have worth at the expense of someone else being 'wrong'.

Speaking of shadow, the Pluto (lord of the underworld) and Jupiter cycles in motion now in Capricorn (which I'll write about in the next newsletter) are asking many of us to re-evaluate our career goals, social networks, and associations with people. This is because they may be stuck in old polarized ideas about us that we are now realizing feel like prison cells for our soul. Are you feeling the need for a prison break?! I know I am..

In addition, with Saturn in Virgo in the mix I've also seen many folks re-evaluating their educational goals as they realize they need to learn some new things (Gemini) that will help them practically mid-wife new skills of service (Virgo) into the world. It's a great time to research educational programs connected to your passion that will help you transition practically into a new integrative career/service path.

Though new ways of thinking about your life and communicating with others may come into view on and post June 7th, the traditional approach to Mercury Retrograde of not signing new contracts, making new major purchases, making new important decisions, and initiating new endeavors remains intact. This is because the friction in the psyche is still fresh and will birth even more new information and ideas until the cycle completes. As the second half of the retrograde progresses, those new ideas become more and more informed. The last ten days of the retrograde cycle thus become a time to be passively receptive to the new, and ensuring you've let go of the old. This will allow more time for holistic agendas to emerge as well as better strategies for their enactment. Once Mercury begins its next cycle of going direct on June 19th, get out there and make some new friends based on the new ideas that you've formulated about yourself! Might be good to finally sign up for that class you've been thinking about too (especially the one at the Ananke-Apollo Institute, lol!)

I hope that this helps you integrate your own opposites. When we create an identity that can encompasses our duality (both our dark and light); then kindness, right action, and right speech become the natural results of such a consciousness.

Please send on any comments to Robert@ohotto.com, I love hearing from you all! I'll be going into more depth about this cycle on my upcoming radio show on June 11th. And be sure to keep checking my calendar of events for upcoming workshops and media appearances.

I'll be back in touch in a couple weeks, until then...

Robert Ohotto


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