Transforming Family Fate into Destiny

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The Sun in now in Aries, and new beginnings are trying to push through our lives, just like the new grass trying to grow in my front yard. For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, 'spring' is finally here, unless of course you live in Chicago like I do, where winter seems to have the upper hand still! lol...

I have been doing a lot of radio shows lately to promote my new book, and find it very fascinating how lately my interviewers seem to be hovering around certain themes from the book during the interviews; most notably, "How do we transform our Family Fate?" I think this has a lot to do with the urge we all feel around this time toward new beginnings, and often the first place we must go to move forward is paradoxically our past, i.e. our family of origin. To understand these origins in a different way, I'd like to first take you back to your true origins which are not found in your family, but in the cosmos.

If you could see the incarnation process through my eyes, it would look something like this: Our soul meets with these cosmic beings I like to call 'The Fates', which help us devise a creative journey here on Earth. Part of this necessitates that our soul be assigned a historical time line to be born on and a nation, culture, region, society, sometimes religion, and family to be born into. All of these comprise, in part, your soul's agreement with Fate. And this is a Fate that you can't change; I mean you can't just decide once you're here that you'd rather be born into a different family.  It's too late, it's a done deal! Yet how many of us have spent a lot of time and energy resisting this? And more important, how can we change this Family Fate into Destiny?

After years of intuitively reading hundreds of clients I have come to learn a great deal about Family Fate. One of the most intriguing insights I had came from a client reading that taught me that we inherit not just the physical DNA of our folks, but also their psychic DNA! I'd like to share with you a client case that first opened my eyes to this in such a way that I never looked at my own Family Fate the same way again: meet Scott.

When I began to intuitively tune into to Scott before I called him for our reading I picked up on a massive energetic block around his heart chakra which I discerned was due to the fact he wasn't expressing his true passions and 'heart's desire' in his life. Whenever I perceive a block like this the next thing that I want to know is what's causing it-so in this case where in Scott's past he began to shut his heart down. So I scanned back into his past and immediately connected this pattern to his father and the way Scott was taught by him to not express himself creatively because creativity 'couldn't pay the bills'. I then went back even farther to his grandfather and detected the same pattern, and even farther to his great grandfather - same pattern there too! It was as if it was handed down generation after generation like psychic DNA. Interestingly enough, and though I would never claim the skill of being a medical intuitive, I also felt that this pattern had literally been causing Scott some physical issues too with his literal heart.

When I called him for the session and began to go through Scott's archetypal and psychic patterning relaying my impressions to him, he confirmed that I was dead on. In fact, at the age of 45 he had already suffered a heart attack! What's more is that his father had died of one in his 50's and so had his grandfather in his 60's. Yet his great-grandfather hadn't died of a heart attack (ok, so I didn't intuitively track back further than that, my antennae can only reach so far! lol...)

As we spoke and I read him in real time during our session, I realized that with his great-grandfather this issue of a blocked 4th Chakra (heart) and creative self-expression existed on a psychic level. But as it wasn't dealt with over generations of time in his family, it somatized and transformed into the physical DNA code for heart disease. And it seemed that it started showing up earlier and earlier with each generation as a lethal fate, claiming the lives of his grandfather and father. I was blown away; I had never considered such a phenomenon before in my life. The idea that we are fated to the patterns of our family psyche I understood all to well, but I had no awareness that generational psychic patterns from our family legacy that are not integrated and healed can overtime become our physical DNA.

So if this is true, the natural next question to ask is "Can we change our physical DNA by knowing and transforming our psychic DNA-our Family Fate? Can we reverse the process?" Based on what I have seen in clients and in my own life, I would say we absolutely can! But it's not easy and can often take a long time and requires a holistic approach. The first step is obvious though, you have to come to know what your psychic DNA is. (This is, in part, largely what I focus on with my clients.) Only then can you begin the alchemy of transforming Family Fate into Destiny. You also must become very familiar with the anatomy of your psyche and the psyche of your family (something I outline in my book Transforming Fate into Destiny.)

In addition, Family Fate isn't the only thing that determines our physical and psychological health-there is also Cultural/Global Fated legacy as well which can greatly impact our empowerment (both of which I also cover in my book.) I'll investigate this in an upcoming newsletter while addressing how to transform Collective Fate into Destiny.

Listen to Robert on Hay House RadioSpend some time thinking about the deeper meaning of your Family Fate. Your soul chose it for a reason that is connected to your purpose, what do you think that could be? Has your family's generational psychic DNA become a physical factor for you? Is it possible that you may be experiencing the unfinished business of an ancestor in your blood line as ADD, depression, addiction, diabetes, etc? I'll cover this topic again with another client story related to how we are now leaving some interesting legacies for our own children by not addressing these issues intuitively, holistically, and practically in ourselves - instead opting to solely medicate the symptoms of our Family Fate. For now, please check out the following radio show I recently did on the subject of Family Fate for Hay House Radio by clicking on the picture above. I hope it gives you even more insight on how you can transform your Family Fate into Destiny! Send me your thoughts at

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As part of an honor code that I have with all of you on my newsletter list, I promise to never try and sell you on anyone else's work. (Of course I will try to sell you on my work, ha!  Hey, if I don't sell you on my work, then I won't be able to write any more books and teach all of you!) However, I would like to be able to share with all of you from time to time other's work that I personally find of value and feel you might too. Of course you need to vibe out whether someone's work speaks to you and trust your own intuition.

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