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Alrighty then, just what are we to make of this upcoming Mercury Retrograde in Leo? Let’s do a little review of what Mercury retrograde cycles are all about first, and then I’d like to review and embellish the Retrograde cycle in the Fire element this last year. From there we’ll address the Zodiacal Sign of Leo and then wrap it all up, I promise!

As a refresher, I want to remind everyone of what the planet Mercury symbolizes in Astrology. As a function of consciousness, Mercury represents our thinking, networking, information gathering, and communicative processes -- the ways we access and use information, make decisions, pay attention to details, process data, and express ourselves via our voice (this point should be especially emphasized for this retrograde as Leo energy is greatly concerned with creative self-expression). Mercury also symbolizes the way we perceive reality via the mind; it’s our 6th Chakra. Much of this gets reexamined during a Mercury Retrograde cycle. It’s like the 6th Chakra gets its hard drive reformatted and upgraded (with new Leo software installed this Retrograde). During the Retrograde, we are asked to retreat within and reevaluate what serves us in our life with regards to this Mercurial function of consciousness and what needs to be upgraded, refined, or let go of. This time around we will be looking at how this applies to Mercury in the Fire Sign of Leo. Remember that if we resist this cycle of introspection, then we invoke the “Trickster” side of Mercury contained in Mercury’s function, such that we are “tricked” into self-examination via external frustrations and events that kick us in the butt. A Retrograde can be positively used as a rest period to assimilate all the information that we perceive consciously and unconsciously when Mercury is direct. This cycle is a time for our inner wisdom to come forth and guide us to re-organize, rethink, reevaluate, redo, and reboot. This is part of the organic, natural flow of life that our western culture doesn’t fully embrace. Looking for signals from the environment to alert you towards inner and outer situations that need some reflection and reevaluation can be very productive during this three week period. To go into more depth on the Retrograde cycle itself, please consult my previous articles on

Let’s now enter into the threshold of Mercury Direct turning Retrograde in Leo. This, for reference, energetically begins to take place a week before the retrograde cycle begins. Mercury will slow its forward movement around July 15th and retrograde on July 22nd in Leo. If you know your birth chart you can pull all of this into a more specific focus by assessing your Leo natal planets and angles. Though this cycle will affect all of us on some level as we all have Leo in our birth chart somewhere, those who have Sun in Leo or who have Leo rising will really find some of what I am saying to be quite poignant during the upcoming cycle. For example, if you have your natal sun in Leo, you will likely be looking at the ways you are creating the Self and expressing it (or not) to embody more of that Sun and fulfill your solar quest. Your environment will begin to push you into a re-evaluation of your Life’s purpose and direction.

With that in mind, let’s go a little deeper into the element of Fire and the Sign Leo. The Fire element in Astrology encompasses how the inspired Soul manifests creatively in Life. Fire also resonates greatly with the Jungian function of intuition. By intuition, I do not mean “psychic”, but would define intuition as a capacity to download perceptions which tend to arrive at lightening speed, serving to connect the past, present, and future in a meaningful and symbolic way. (Are you feelin’ the intuitive vibe?!) Conversely, the “psychic” function for me has more to do with the “feeling” nature of consciousness, not necessarily intuitive. The element of Fire addresses how we embody our Life-force, Spirit, and thus relates profoundly to issues of creativity. Now we are beginning to dance around the Fire of Leo.

Leo is ruled by the Sun in Astrology. The Sun, as a symbol, encompasses issues of purpose and that which ripens and vitalizes all of life. Simply stated, I feel that this Retrograde will be quite powerful folks, as it will address how we define our purpose, which is the organizing principle that centers and anchors our lives. The task of Leo energy is to develop the Self, and I mean with a capital S! We leave the Ego nature to Aries. Leo then is a combination of Ego and Spirit and, like the Sun, needs to shine. In its solar luminosity, Leo reflects back to us our own Divinity via what we create in Life as an unique statement of who we are. Creation is Leo’s path to Spirit…..if you remember back in my Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius article I mentioned that all the Fire Signs seek God in some way, well Leo does so via the act of creation itself. And Leo’s first creation needs to be its Self!! Creativity is not meant to be confined in this sense to painting, music, or any of the other fine arts – rather, it’s a way of being in the world that illuminates others. It’s a lifestyle that exteriorizes something unique from within. With this Retrograde cycle, I feel that many of us will be called to assess how we use our creativity in an outward direction, thereby birthing a vision of how to bring new forms of being and Self-expression forward to vitalize our lives. Furthermore, if we yoke Leo to the planet Mercury (the mind), then this cycle is (in part) about how our thoughts create who we are! This Retrograde will most likely issue a task of re-evaluating how you create your Self via your own thoughts/mind. Therefore, be prepared to face some of your current creations that are no longer serving an authentic expression of the Inner Self over the next month or so. The primary question at hand for this Retrograde is, “how exactly does your mind (thoughts) serve the Total Self as a “co-creator” in your life?” Undoubtedly, this Retrograde will take you down into the depths of your own unconscious scripts that are currently creating your reality in a way that the Deeper Self can no longer support. That which is unconscious in you also creates your reality and cannot be addressed except through the agency of conscious awareness. This Retrograde will offer food for thought in that regard (pun intended) are you ready?!

In addition, Leo also has much to do with the “child” archetype, so many of you might forge a new dialogue with your inner child this next month in an effort to recapture that spontaneity that comes freely to children on the play ground. Look to see where you block your own play and spontaneous creativity. In my experience, many people lack access to this energy because they have not done adequate work in becoming for themselves the “ideal” parents that they lacked growing up -- which affords the inner security/validation required to engage in present moment spontaneity. Take a look at that y’all!

Along those same lines, Leo energy has a resonance with the “Sovereign” archetypes of the King and Queen. This retrograde will produce an opportunity to evaluate whether or not you are engaging in any shadow Leo pride, stubbornness of will, and/or entitlement complexes that reveal your lack of an authentic center and Self-validation, and thus the need to command attention from others to feel empowered. Of course, it will be necessary to find your center from within to “rule” with benevolence. If you find yourself frustrated by outer events that seek to dethrone you, use it as an opportunity to look at where you have gotten off center with your own Spirit. I have found that those who cannot vitalize Life through the agency of their own Leo Spirit tend to become the opposite of the Star quality Leo is meant to be; a light-draining black hole or Tyrant Sovereign. Don’t let that happen to you! If other’s think your light is too bright, tell them to put on some good sunglasses! This Retrograde will surely show us where we dim our own light in our lives in favor of our fears…..whatever they may be (i.e. fear of what other’s think about us).

Closing thoughts about the cycle

As I always say, the abdication of our will/ego to a deeper function of consciousness can be quite a struggle as the retrograde cycle commences and this struggle usually lasts for the first 11 days of the cycle. While the 1st half of the retrograde can be quite disorienting, the 2nd half – or last 10 days of the retrograde are about reorientation and reorganization. The turning point of every Mercury Retrograde happens once Mercury conjuncts (joins) the Sun in the heavens as it is going backward – this will occur on August 5th. This demarcates an entrance into the 2nd half of the Mercury Retrograde cycle in which the pressures tend to abate and breakthroughs in new awareness and direction become apparent regarding the Leo energy in question. Though new beginnings begin to come into view around August 5th, don’t go out and start signing new contracts and making new decisions unless you have to. Give yourself some time before pursuing any creative endeavors. This is because the friction in the psyche is still fresh and will birth even more new information and ideas. As the second half of the retrograde progresses, those new ideas become more and more informed. The last ten days of the retrograde cycle thus become a time to be passively receptive to the new, and ensuring you’ve let go of the old. This will allow more time for holistic agendas to emerge as well as better strategies for their enactment. Once Mercury begins its next cycle of going direct on August 15th, get back up on the stage and generously bear your Leo heart to the world! By the 22nd of August you should be ready to reclaim your rightful place along side the Divine as a more conscious (and Self-expressive) “Co-Creator” of your Life.

Nationally and globally I believe this upcoming Mercury Retrograde will set the stage for some serious re-evaluation that the planet Saturn will deepen, as Saturn will be entering into the sign of Leo mid-July for the next two and a half years……this will be the subject of my next article for this Fall once I finish the Astrological Ages. For now I would say the World Politics will be quite interesting this fall as Saturn prepares to address those born with Pluto in Leo – “the Pluto in Leo Generation” (Pluto was in Leo from 1939-1958). Responsibility and reaping what has been sown will likely be a huge and heavy Saturn theme beginning this late summer for those currently in political and economic power.

One final note in regards to the Astrological Ages, it was called to my attention (thank God) that I got some technical-astronomical definitions mixed up on the last article regarding the Earth’s Ecliptic and the Celestial Equator. Oddly enough, one of the books I referenced for the terms had misprinted a diagram. As I wrote that article during the last Mercury Retrograde, mixing up a few definitions seems all too fitting! Briefly the correction is: the Ecliptic is the circle of Zodiacal constellations, defined by the Sun's apparent movement through the heavens, and the Celestial Equator is an extension of the Earth's planetary equator, inclined to the ecliptic. Just a "little" reversal of terms, the same concepts however still apply. To see the article corrected in its entirety, you can visit my website and click on the “Astrological Ages” tab.

In closing, this Mercury Retrograde article was a great way to introduce Aquarius’ polarity, Leo, which will resonate in Part II of the Astrological Ages. I wish you all an insightful Mercury Retrograde and summer. You’ll hear back from me in early fall.

Robert Ohotto

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