Mercury Retrograde in Aries

March 19th – April 12th

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So what do we get when Mercury goes backwards in a sign that loves to go forward? Hell on Earth! I don’t know about you, but the past three weeks have been a rough go for me. Aries is a fire sign, and I wrote in my last article about Mercury’s Retrogression in the fire signs this year. This time around, I noticed many things that occurred in the environment. Did any of you notice the news headlines of how many murders we have had in the last month with people being shot in the USA? I am not talking about the typical murders that occur in most urban areas daily, rather I can think of at least four headlines off the top of my head (a judge’s family was shot execution style here in Chicago, a man open fired during a church gathering at a Hyatt hotel, another went into a court house and shot four people including a judge, a boy on an Indian Reservation went to school and killed others as well as himself, etc.) The planet Mars rules the sign Aries – and also rules war, guns, aggression, anger, courage, will, action, focus, and determination. Let me tell ya, I have seen two extreme sides of the Aries coin these last few weeks. Either many people are boiling over with anger and being pushed to their edge, or they are depressed (perhaps because of repressed anger), unable to focus, and feeling incapable of going forward with their lives. Blocked will, anger, repressed anger, lost confidence, impatience, depression, lack of faith in the future - does that fit any of you these last four weeks? Somewhere within all that then lies your Mercury Retrograde message (what you need to refine and work on during this cycle that relates to the energy of Aries in your life). Furthermore, as we are talking about the planet Mercury here, many communications have been mixed up, misunderstood, and have seemed to provoke battle scenarios! It’s almost as if this Retrograde has brought many to their edge of tolerance, and apparently, some have been pushed too far past that edge. Well, seems we have all been given in chance to reevaluate certain ways of being in our lives that simply have seen better days, no matter which side of the coin you fall on. Through that reevaluation you can hopefully find your Mercury Retrograde message. Positively, perhaps what we can hope to take from this time period is renewed confidence in ourselves, more patience, more surrender, appropriate-balanced action, anger expressed constructively, and putting our egos back in check. Mercury will station and move forward again on April 12th. It usually takes a good week or so for things to readjust out of the Retrograde energy, so don’t think you’re out of the woods yet! Things should, however, begin to lighten considerably – which I hope leaves all of you feeling excited about your lives, peaceful, and mindful of your own Aries energy.

Robert Ohotto

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