Transforming Fate into Destiny - A New Dialogue with Your Soul

Transforming Fate Into DestinyWorking for years as a professional intuitive has gifted me with many unique perspectives regarding the core challenges found within the human journey we all are on. After hundreds of readings with clients, I’ve realized that our soul is primarily here to co-create with the Divine, and the main task we face as human beings is how to honor two fundamental agreements our soul made with the Universe before birth: one a contract with Fate, the other with Destiny.

To be sure, these primary soul agreements often don’t vibe too well with our ego once we are here, rendering us vulnerable to victim consciousness. How often have we each been stuck in our inner victim when life takes us down a different path than what the ego had in mind? It is then we forget our interconnectedness to a greater plan and predetermined divine design that we often lack the tools to comprehend; finding ourselves paralyzed by our fear.

Once at this crucial juncture, we must forge a dialogue with our soul to transform what life deals us—our Fate—into something which affirms us and others—Destiny. Unfortunately we are in a culture that doesn’t want to even acknowledge that there are fated aspects of our lives, although it’s a self-evident reality we all deal with. For example, who among us hasn’t wanted to accept that certain choices (like the family and body you were born into) were made by the soul, long before our ego even arrived on the scene!

The tales of woe that are a by-product of our ego vs. soul battles could fill volumes no doubt, but over the years I’ve discovered there is another way to live. Informed by many client cases, my book focuses on how to use your fated limitations as guidance towards your purpose—not solely something to fight and deny. While many other self-help books focus on the transcendence of limitation, I ask you first to accept your limitations and then consider what kind of limitation you are looking at in the first place. Is the limitation in front of you pointing you toward a different direction that your soul wishes to pursue – acting as a fated redirection? Or, is the limitation there as a creative obstacle, designed to help you build new stamina and character into your ego so that you can carry out your soul’s agenda?

First, to answer these questions in earnest you must be comfortable entering into your own unconsciousness, your shadow. Not only is this essential to being whole, it is crucial to understanding why we attract to ourselves certain people, situations, and events as a self-created Fate because we can’t take responsibility for our dark side and the buried treasure within us.
But to understand your shadow, you must also understand the anatomy of your psyche and how your shadow is formed. You must begin to see your psyche as an energy system that contains and manages your soul’s consciousness, while interfacing your soul with this world via the ego. This is very essential to transforming your own darkness to light—and your Fate into Destiny.

But let’s face facts, our culture tells us that if we see something negative in our shadow then we are bad, and certainly represses much of our gifts in order that we conform to socio-cultural and parental expectations. We’re often taught to protect our self-concept as being solely good, and to keep at bay inner qualities that go against status quo.
This can clearly be seen in how so many of us project our unclaimed issues and power onto others, while our capacity to choose compassionate and creative action is diminished. This then becomes the main source of our suffering. In my book, I call this shadow dancing and also take a look at how this psychic process can happen at a group level, not just individual, producing collective forms of Self Fate!

Furthermore, I also investigate another type of Fate: our Mortal Fate. This is the Fate that we often can’t change and must simply accept, and I speak to why, in a patriarchal society that defines God as solely a masculine force, we’re so afraid to embrace and respect the nature of our mortal limits.

Yet, and perhaps most importantly, my book addresses the reality that we are at a time of unprecedented change in this world. In fact, the patriarchal structure of our society is beginning to collapse. To heroically engage with this process requires we use powerful and pro-active tools to transform the Fate of our times into Destiny; all of which I redefine for a contemporary understanding of how to use them. These are:

  • Acceptance
  • Authentic Choice
  • Surrender
  • Prayer
  • A much more compelling and mature view of the Law of Attraction

In addition, I present new key concepts that we need to understand such that we live empowered and destined lives in a world that is being created by a new dominant global pattern, such as:

  • Developing Soul Esteem
  • Moving Beyond Cultural Spells
  • Praying with your Soul versus your Ego
  • Recognizing the Voice of Fate versus the Voice of Destiny

The time has come for all of us to start asking some very different questions about our lives and why we are here. The answers that we receive regarding our purpose will always be predicated by the questions we ask about it. With that said, I wrote this book to help you ask yourself and answer the essential question of Destiny: “What unique gifts do I possess, and how can I use them to serve life?”

Not only is your core purpose found in the answer to this question, the world is counting on you to engage with the answer on its behalf.

Yet, this is a question you’ll ask yourself again and again, for it must be understood that Destiny is a verb, not a noun. Thus, in closing, I wrote Transforming Fate into Destiny as a life guide that can be referenced again and again; each time Fate and Destiny come knocking at your door – beckoning you forth for the next adventure! I hope that it serves you well.

Robert Ohotto

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