Relationship Consultations

Many of Robert’s clients have sought his help in understanding their Soul Contracts as they pertain to significant relationships with others. To be sure, understanding the deeper reasons why we are in relationships with others – whether as partners, spouses, friends, or even adversaries – and seeing those relationships through the eyes of the Soul offers insight, healing, closure, forgiveness, and strategies to maximize the intimacy we share with them.

If you are seeking insight or harmony in a particular relationship, you may want to consider adding another person to be ‘intuitively read’ as part of your consultation. However please note any person over the age of 18 must sign a consent form prior to the consultation, as Robert will not formally intuitively read someone without their express permission to be included in the session. Once this form has been signed by the client and additional party, it must then be faxed to Robert’s office prior to the consultation.

When an additional person is added to your reading, bear in mind that Robert will only be addressing that person as he or she relates to you, and will not be speaking to anyone but the client during the reading. At no time is any additional party permitted on the phone.