Due to the increasing demands on Robert's time, his availability for consultations is increasingly limited and intermittent. For this reason, he no longer maintains a client waiting list. All consultation dates are offered to the general public on a first-come, first-served basis. Please click here to view available dates…

If you don't know your birth time, Robert will discern it through a process called intuitive 'rectification.' This service carries an additional charge of $50.

Adding another chart to your full initial consultation results in $200 added to base fee, and extends the reading time by fifteen minutes. Only one additional chart permitted in the consultation. If the added chart belongs to another adult, a signed waiver is required from both parties. No waiver required for a minor, dependent child.

Recordings are provided to clients as a courtesy and are not part of the consultation fee. Due to Robert's travel schedule and time constraints, the mp3 downloadable recording of your session may not be available until up to 30 days after your reading.

Client acknowledges that neither Robert Ohotto nor Ananke-Apollo, LLC are responsible for inability to provide consultation recordings in the event of equipment failure or any other reason. If a recording was purchased as part of a 30-Minute Session and was not provided due to technical failure, a refund will be issued for the paid recording fee.

Client must confirm appointment and verify all birth chart data by no later than seventy-two hours prior to the scheduled reading. Failing to do so will result in forfeit of the consultation and all fees paid.

All consultation refund requests, which must be received by our office no later than two weeks before the scheduled reading, will incur a $100 processing fee.