Frequently Asked Questions

It’s been two weeks and I haven’t received my consultation mp3 download. When should I expect it?

While we make every attempt to send complimentary and purchased mp3 downloadable recordings in as timely a manner as possible, please bear in mind that recordings can take up to 30 days before they are available. Also be sure to check your spam folders to ensure that the emailed link to the download didn't end up there!

"What if I don't know my exact birth time and can't get it? Does that affect the accuracy?"

For a natal chart interpretation, yes it can most definitely be a big deal to have an incorrect birth time as this can throw off important components of the chart. It's too complicated to explain here, but the answer is yes, the exact birth time is important. But as Robert is an intuitive, he has developed a very accurate way of determining the birth time that he likes to use. You can call it an "intuitive rectification" and Robert has found it to produce a very useful birth chart. Robert offers this for an additional fee for those who do not know their birth time. If, however, you feel you would rather have someone traditionally rectify your chart, Robert recommends considering a trained professional for that service.

"I live in another country. Can Robert still do a consultation for me?"

Robert has conducted consultations for many clients who live in countries from as far as Australia to Ireland, Japan, India, and Qatar. Robert lives in Colorado, which means he's on Mountain Time in the USA and may need to adjust the hour of your reading in order to accommodate your time zone. He will call anyone in North America, but may not always call overseas if you cannot provide a landline phone number for the consultation.

Additionally, Robert only is able to call numbers that accept incoming calls from a private/blocked number.

“I am not sure which consultation I need.”

If you are looking for an in-depth perspective of your life that addresses your deepest ongoing concerns, you may want to sign up for a full initial intuitive consultation without any added components.

If you seek to understand the deeper reasons why someone is in your life, or would like to look at the possible challenges a potential relationship might bring, please consider adding the relationship aspect to your consultation. Select the 'Add Additional Person' option in the online store and be sure to indicate on the sign-up form that you'd like to add a significant other to your reading. Bear in mind that due to the highly sensitive nature of Robert's consultations, all adult parties over the age of 18 must sign a waiver of consent, which must be on file before your reading takes place.

If you would like to understand the Soul Contract of your child, select the 'Add Additional Person' option in the online store and be sure to indicate on the sign-up form that you'd like to add a child to your reading.

Additionally, if you are considering moving and want Robert to psychically feel out how you'll do in the places you're thinking about, please consider the relocation option and check the appropriate box to add this feature in the online store.

If you are struggling with one or two specific areas of concern that can be addressed within a shorter reading for a reduced price range, you may want to consider the 30-Minute Consultation.

“Can I add additional components to a 30-Minute Consultation?”

No additional components may be formally added to a 30-Minute Consultation. However you may use one of the two questions of focus for the reading to address any area of concern in your life.

“I’m trying to book a reading, but I don’t see any dates in the online store. What should I do?”

If there are no consultation dates listed in the online store, please check back on the website, as Robert periodically updates his calendar based on his availability.


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