Personal Intuitive Consultations Overview

Thank you for your interest in my services. What follows is a description of what to expect during an initial intuitive reading with me, as well as information about what I need from you to set up a consultation.

I have always embraced the philosophy that the quality of answers we receive regarding the questions we ask in life are determined by the nature of the questions themselves. As such, one of the most life-changing questions you can ask is: “For what purpose have I been born, and how can I use the current experiences of my life to best fulfill that purpose?” This kind of inquiry is more powerful than most people realize, as its answer has the power to transform your Fate into Destiny. Ultimately, a personal intuitive consultation with me can be immensely helpful in addressing such deep and powerful questions as these.

As an Intuitive Life Strategist with more than fifteen years of experience with clients from all walks of life, I am highly skilled at perceiving the sacred agreements you made with the Universe before you were born. These agreements comprise your ‘Soul Contract,’ which calls you to participate with the Divine in the co-creation of your life on this planet. In fact, it is my primary task with each reading/consultation to intuitively spell out the terms of your Soul’s journey in this life.

Intuiting the complexity of your Soul agreements must naturally include all the elements of your life that inform your self-concept and make you – you. Though it may not always seem apparent, incarnating on this planet is a dynamic process in which your Soul fuses with various psychic and mundane forces that direct the unfolding of your life, empowerment and self-development.

Therefore, during a personal intuitive consultation with me, it’s vital that we assess the unconscious creative archetypal forces that are not only unique to your own psyche, but I also identify the energies of your larger legacy and patterning found within the global, social, and familial psyches that you are also connected to.

Said another way, at the precise moment of your birth, your life was fated to evolve within larger collective creative patterns that were already managing reality here on Earth; patterns which manifest through cycles of time and affect us all at an individual level. Thus, it is from that crucial first moment of your life that I consult your birth chart as an intuitive aide. I use it as a symbolic map to perceive your Soul Contract – your purpose – and how it unfolds within the context of time in both conscious and unconscious ways.

Make no mistake; the moment of your birth was no accident! It was planned down to the last detail, pregnant with intention and meaning. In fact, this sacred moment of your birth is reflected in the alignment and synchronicity of Cosmos itself as part of a Divine design.

Through a combined intuitive reading and review of your natal chart, I explain this design for you and reveal the intention that motivated your Soul to integrate into the greater evolutionary patterns of life here on Earth. This is first done by intuitively reading you and then using your birth chart as a rich blueprint of your archetypal architecture. This map of synchronicity contains celestial instructions for co-creating within the limits of your life’s purpose and Soul cycles of time; it’s a guide that differentiates your Fate from your Destiny.

My consultations are a revolutionary and innovative hybrid of intuitive reading and natal chart interpretation. With your name and exact date, place, and time of birth, I go to work. This information can be found on your birth certificate in most cases. (If you don't have the exact time or place of your birth, follow the intuitive rectification protocol on the sign up page.)

In preparation for an initial intuitive consultation, I spend about an hour intuitively reading you and prepping before even picking up the phone. Doing so provides me with a base of information about you and your life, and gives me insights into how to focus the live phone reading. During this prep time I also intuitively assess the questions and concerns you’ve sent to my assistant that you’d like covered, and the reading deepens. By the time I am done with this preliminary work, I have established various coordinates regarding your life's journey, and have amassed many insights into your life's purpose and current challenges. Then, I finally call you at our appointed time for a consultation and share that information in great detail.

These days my schedule does not allow for in-person appointments. However, one of the outstanding features I offer in my consultations is that all consultations are recorded digitally, such that both of our voices are recorded and the session burned onto CD. This allows you to listen to the session again and again, gaining more insight each time.

You will also receive a copy of my favorite intuitive tool–your natal chart–which will be emailed to you before the reading for confirmation purposes and then posted to you via surface mail after the reading. I will also include a beginner’s chart that contains a legend explaining the meaning of all symbols listed therein. I prefer to email the chart a few days before the scheduled reading to confirm the accuracy of your birth data.

Please note: Recordings are provided to clients as a courtesy and are not included in the consultation fee. Client acknowledges that Robert and Ananke-Apollo, LLC are not responsible for failure or inability to provide recordings of sessions in the event of equipment failure or for any other reason, and understands the recording can take up to 30 (thirty) days to ship.

What will you gain from an initial intuitive consultation?
Before each session I ask that you email my assistant a list of primary concerns you’d like me to focus on during the reading. I have found that creating this list is very useful preparation for a consultation, as it allows you to deeply consider what you are most wanting guidance on. It also allows me to tune into you better. I will review your concerns before the reading and use them to focus my intuition so as to keenly address your questions and create a strategy to empower within your current challenges.

Additionally, I will assess the soulful forces that you were born to use in the co-creation of your life as part of your Soul Contract. We are not always conscious of these innate resources, and many of them have been repressed, shamed, or socialized into our shadow. Some of these forces emerge in us later in life as part of a Divine timing, like a tree growing a new branch. That said, I will explore these inborn patterns with you and offer counsel as to how to better work with them as creative allies such that they do not surface as sabotaging energies in your life.

We’ll begin where you are and work back a bit during the reading to look at any unfinished business that's still informing your present life. I feel it is very important for me to intuit and chart your generational, cultural, and family histories as they apply to your current challenges.

Once we get you in present time, we will look at the cosmic archetypal cycles of energy that are evolving your life, asking you to restructure your ego so that your life aligns in a renewed harmony with the intention of your Soul. From there, I will take you forward and we'll look at your upcoming creative cycles for the next year to see what your Deeper Self is growing toward and where your life is heading. I call this Divine timeline through which your life unfolds your ‘Soul’s Schedule.’

Thus, I will present you with the dominant energies that are in the process of transforming your life as part of your Soul’s Schedule, which will further inform you as to what is trying to both die and be born in your life— and how to cooperate with that dynamic process. Everyone I have done a reading on leaves the reading feeling validated and presented with a lot to process and reflect on afterward.

Perhaps the most powerful component of the reading is my capacity to help you see your life symbolically through the eyes of your Soul, for that’s where the power to change your Destiny is truly found.
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